OPINIONS NEEDED, making a decent trailer


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OK guys. This is my first real season of mowing. The only trailer I have is a small 4.5'X8' 4 wheeler trailer. Its all I have guys and I can probably haul 2 push mowers in it. I think I can build tall wooden sides for it and make shelves etc. and such inside. Do you all suggest this? Do you think it would work out ok for me? This is my first summer to drive and really get into haulin stuff around. What do yall think? Any pics of similar stuff.

I know some of you are laughing. Most of you have 24' trailers etc. but this stuffs all i got and i need ideas, appreciate it guys


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Columbus, NE
Here's a pic of my first full year. The trailer is a 5X 8' with a Trimmer rack.
Before the trimmer rack I just put the trimmer in the area in front with the gas cans and blower. you can also mount a milk crate to one fender to hold a blower. I try to get the metal ones, but plastic will work. If you are just hauling a couple 21" mowers you will have plenty of room if you lay it out right.
Do you have a pickup to haul grass and debris in?