Opinions needed on what to plant here please

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gilla Gorilla, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Gilla Gorilla

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    If anyone could give me some opinions on what to plant in this bed please. The two trees are staying but the customer wants the rest to go. He wants three or four evergreen type shrubs in the middle in front and on the sides of the trees and I was thinking maybe some Goldflame Spirea in front of the shrubs.

    Oh yeah I told him about turning the wall block over to the correct side. The guy who installed it two years ago put the lips on the top side and not the bottom.

    Thanks for any advise on what to plant here.

    Mow Me Over Job Pictures 299.jpg
  2. Gilla Gorilla

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    Here is another angle. Both pictures are from the road.

    Mow Me Over Job Pictures 301.jpg
  3. oakfront

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    I'm not sure you have enough room to accomplish your goals. Spireas should be planted in clusters, but they work fine as a border plant, so you might want to plant 3-5 goldflames in front. You'll need something to grow 36-42"
    high to be seen from behind the Spirea, so Inkberry Holly would be a good choice. Very versitale evergreen with great texture. But it looks like you dont have enough room so you should probally expand the planting beds while you flip the blocks. If you dont want to layer your plantings then you could always use Green Luster Holly which would be about half the size of the Inkberry. Most Taxus, Cypress, and Junipers would grow to large for what you want.
  4. old dog

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    How about some lower perrinials for summer color? If you put higher plants in the bed
    they will hide all the foundation plantings.Space is definitely at a premium and perrinials
    can be cut wayyyy back every year to keep it at a controlled size.Looks like where you
    are at evergreens will be covered by snow in the "off" season.
  5. lewdo

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    My favorite evergreen would have to be the Hollies. Blue Princess in particular.

    It looks like the guy really likes his green all year round...nothing wrong with that though. Not much room for anything else if your going to plant 3-4.

    I personally would like to have a little color in there, but the customers always right!
  6. treedoc1

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    The rhododendron on the side will continue to go down hill because of the site exposure and the heat in the summer. That would be a good place for your spirea or double file viburnum. I stay away from spirea because of the poor summer performance in the heat in D.C. Make sure the beds are at least 5' wide. The deciduous stuff should remain on the side, away from view in the winter.
    Put a crape myrtle or Nellie Stevens holly on the front corner...8' from the house on a diagonal.
    Because of the partial shade use otto luyken cherry laurel under both windows. Plant 3' from the house and 3' on center. They will stay under the height of the window and stay evergreen for you.

    Consider some penisetum Hameln grasses for the island area by the trees, they will remain bushel basket size and would match in well with daylillies for the color in the summer.

    Most jap hollies will get too big so stick with helleri or soft touch varieties near the house and walkway. Consider harbor dwarf nandina for the lower shrubs below a foot in height. Gulf stream performs better than firepower for a residential job. That will give you some more interst year round.

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