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24 years of a wealthy home owner cutting his half acre less than 30 times a year while keeping mower in a heated garage and the way it looks he always washed the mower top and bottom . this mower has cut a half acre 700 times over that time . say thats like doing 1400 average size lawns . say a crews doing 80 1/3 acre lawns per week . thats 320 per month , here in michigan x 8 months thats 2600 lawns per year . thusly this mowers been used like half a year of commercial usage but operated by a sane , non lawncare zombi like us lol , adult thats babying the heck out of it on an immaculate yard where he aint 'baja'ing' onto trailers , 10'' over grown lawns and sticks . at $1500 range it'd take a miracle to find something near this good . i really dont want to pit my opinion on this matter vs yours as i realize you've lots of probably decades running lots of crews , machines and companies . but i wanted to get down to exact details on the state of this machine to make sure you understand how like new this thing is , im not just making this up this thing is immaculate . every single part including rubber hand grips , and sparkling engine . the only factor that i wonder about is the 1998 kohler command 15 pro because ive only ran kaw's over 20+ years
One word

the stuff is old
The equipment doesn’t produce

it’s just not worth it
people who look at cars and think it’s more valuable because it has low miles

no not really
All the parts still have age and fatigue

it’s just not a good investment for someonelooking to make a profit
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