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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tx Firefighter, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Tx Firefighter

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    This year has been very good for me. Lately, I've been thinking about which direction to go in next year. I've decided to get away from the 21 inch type of yards I've been doing this year, and focus on larger properties.

    So, I've decided that the time is pretty much right to buy my first Z. I use Scag walk-behind now, and it's been great. I read on here about how everyone is about Exmark. My local Exmark dealer is not real impressive.

    So, for a 48 inch Z ,what brand should I consider? Around here, it's Toro, Scag, Gravely, YazooKees. Dealers don't stock too many machines, so getting a demo is not gonna happen either. If Exmark is that good, I could go further to a better dealer, but it would likely be 100 plus miles round trip. I don't think closeness of dealer is that big of deal. A new machine SHOULD be very reliable for a few seasons right?

    I'm also thinking Kawasaki all the way. I keep coming back to the Tiger Cub 48".......but, I've never used one either.

    I'd appreciate everyones input on this.

  2. Lawnalternatives

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    Exmark all the way. I bought a 48" Lazer Hp for $6,000 and it is worth twice that to me right now. They are more refined then the Tiger Cubs. Muchhhhhh quieter, smoother, and compact. You can't go wrong! Have them bring you the Scag and Exmark to your house for a demo on the same day. The proof is in the pudding. I promise you will agree.
  3. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Go for the 52"er. the 4" difference adds up REALLY quick when doing large lawns. (Dont forget wider stripes too! :p ) I think if I get another Z, it will either be a Exmark or a Hustler.

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