Opinions on flow of installs/process. New hire has different opinion

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Focusedin88, Mar 11, 2018.

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    So I will start this post explaining the situation I have found myself in. For the last year I was the only guy in our company's irrigation department. The company had about 32 customers that I had inherited, I had only had about 7 months of irrigation experience up until my hire. I was fortunate to have a good teacher, and throughout the past year made sure I was always reading and trying to learn the correct way of doing things, not the easiest way but the way that will hopefully produce a quality product. By the end of last year I had 4 installs under my belt and they all have been operating with little to no issues. I am proud of what I have learned, but still know I have infinite room for growth and continuing to grow in my field. So this brings us to present day the company is wanting to grow and expand the lighting irrigation department and I'm excited to be on the forefront of that, however that means new crew leaders will be needed as well as eventually more helpers. We just hired a guy who said he has about 13 years experience , we have worked this past week together on an install at a garden center install. I have been frustrated the whole week because I have felt that The new hire though he has 13 yrs experience is not willing to put in the extra work to do things right, or is always looking for the easier way to do something as apposed to the most quality. For example we are having to hand trench, instead of using a trenching shovel he was trying to use the T handle line trencher for the 1"pipe we were installing. He also insist on burying the pipe as we go along as opposed to opening the trenches laying the mainline and gluing in valves, then going zone to zone and after half burying and cleaning out the system. I just feel like whatever seems the easiest is what he is wanting to do, instead of digging out another 3ft to get the head in a better position he would rather just put it in. Again I only have about 2 yrs experience at this point babe have tried to pride myself on creating a quality product. I'm reaching out to you more experienced guys who also create quality work to get a sense of your workflow, and if maybe I'm just wrong in my perception. Thanks I know this was a bit drawn out but I appreciate any feedback.
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    I have been there hiring guys that only want to do it either incorrectly, sloppily or just plain WRONG. My advice is to go to your boss, explain the situation with emphasis on the fact that this new hire's work and attitude will reflect badly on him and his company. Ask him to give you the authority to read the new hire the "riot act" putting him on notice that he either changes his poor irrigation habits or he's gone. And don't be wimpy about it-no "aw gee could you maybe do it this way?" This clown is what is known as a "bad apple" and he will make rot set in deep. Do not allow this to happen. I have seen this scenario so many times that it spins my head.

    Nip this in the bud and the sooner the better.
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    Why are you not using a machine to trench?
    You’re hand digging new installs?
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    First thing I thought of.

    I’d do the same thing in his case
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    There has been a mix of being able to use the Dingo, and hand trenching. It's a really old site so there are a lot of unknowns close to the building. So we are hand trenching there, it doesn't bother me much to do so. This job is kind of an oddity as it is not am outside customers job. It's relatively small 10 zone system, maybe I'm wrong in thinking that having to hand dig some areas isn't so bad? Even when using the dingo is it normal in most people's experience to immediately lay and glue pipe and cover it before you are finished with that zone? To me it's seems like its moving ahead before finishing the first step. Also is using a T handle line trencher acceptable for laying 1"pvc? It seems lazy to me.

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    What was that movie with Patrick Swayze where he said "It's my way or the highway" ? That's how I dealt with new hires, even though they had (on paper) plenty of experience, it was not "my way" and they followed my lead or were let go. I had better luck with new hires that knew zip; any bad habits they learned were from me! :nod:
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    That's my main concern, is this guy has been in irrigation he says for 13 yrs. He as also bounced around from at least 6 companies he has talked with me about on the way to the job site. Unfortunately I am not currently in a position above him, we are currently viewed as equals position wise. I could however chat with the supervisor about what I'm seeing and hope he takes notice. I just wanted to get a sense of what other professionals see as acceptable or normal, and if what I'm seeing and hearing would be setting off red flags for anyone else.
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    Maybe I know it by another name but what is a tee handle line trencher?
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    Here is an example. It was just being wiggled back and fourth creating a V then the pipe set in it and tapped somewhat down with the same tool.

    Kenyon 49045 All-Steel Landscape Lighting Trencher/Edger, 45" Steel "T" Handle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F4HBG5C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_9-wPAbCAHH1BW
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    It think it was Roadhouse. And I agree-better to chisel a statue from one piece of stone than to try and glue random pieces together hoping for the best.

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