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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by boxoffire, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. boxoffire

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    Hi, I have a JD L110 Mulching tractor and was wondering if the attachments for these type tractors are worth the money and how effective and easy they are for resident/commercial lawns. They sell a pull behind aerator for around $350, a slitting disc device with seed loader for about the same, and finally a rake for dethatching lawns. Just started in mowing business and wondering if getting these items for my tractor is the thing to do. Haven't seen any in action and the prices seem good for JD, but I'm a bit weary about it for that reason. I mean I know aerator and slit seeders that are walk behind units are way more costly and I figure much more effective and efficient. I definetly can't afford or justify getting those at this point, but wondering if having the JD pull behind units for my tractor and offering those services to potential clients would be a good idea?? Like for the aerator, will it be a problem doing small strips say between sidewalk and road for example, or turning around. Obviously a tractor isn't going to turn around like the zero turn mowers, but I manage ok and don't mind the little extra time in navigating around a lawn.

    Thanks for any advice on these John Deere attachments if anyone has any for me. Have a great holiday season!

  2. Travis Followell

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    Well I can't directly answer your question because i have newer used any of those type attachments but I think if it is JD then it will be a high quality piece of equipment and should work fine for you.
  3. PaulJ

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    The JD lawn attachments I have seen didn't look much different than the Agri-fab/brinly stuff you can buy at stores (TSC, ACE, HOME DEPOT etc...) for about half the money. JD likes to put there name on other equipment and charge a lot extra for that green paint.
  4. Smalltimer1

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    You'd be better off buying Agri-Fab or Brinly stuff unless you are into John Deere collecting like I am, but I buy older stuff myself--this is one of the few times that you will see me not recommend John Deere--Brinly and Agri-Fab are the same if not better quality, and at Home Depot, you can usually get them cheaper than list. Usually if you bring up the fact that their pull behind attachments are slow moving stock, they can drop the price for you to a rediculously low price and you will be laughing out the door with the attachments.
  5. boxoffire

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    Thanks Smalltimer1 and rest for the tips. I haven't checked out those other brands you mention so I will. Also didn't know you could "deal" on this equipment. Maybe if I find what I like there, I can "deal" on purchase of aerator, a dethatcher rake device, and the slit seeder. See if I can get all for less than say $750, whereis the Deere stuff all together would probably run me around $1000. But one thing I did notice the other week when I went by Home Depot for some tools, they had a little trailer (plastic) attached to a John Deer L120 tractor in front and the price on the trailer only was like $450. I thought, crap that's kinda high for that little thing. Then I thought, well it's got John Deere's name on it. However when I went by Revels in Raleigh where I bought my L110 tractor, there was one of those utility trailer attachments inside that was made of STEEL and same size that I could tell and it was only like $200. I didn't understand this one except that Home Deport obviously is marking up big time or unless there was an error on the price on the one at Home Depot??? Anyway, shipping around really pays. Utility carts seem to be very generic anyway, as I helped my sister in law clean her yard of debris one time and she let me pull her Sears utility car for hauling and it attached fine to my L110. I've seen them in Sears for a little cheaper than the JD model even. I'm not so attached to JD that I need all of their stuff by any means. Thanks again folks.
  6. Smalltimer1

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    Yeah, look on the shelves that look like they may not have been touched in a good while. Pick out what you want, ask for some help, ask if it's slow moving stock......if it is.....ask to see the manager or go to the service desk, and usually for slow moving stock, they can drop the prices to way below 1/2

    I bought a bunch of Brinly-Hardy sleeve hitch attachments for $400 ($75 ea., normally $200 ea) this past summer at the Home Depot in Durham. I turned around and sold all but one for double price, got my money back and made a little. I'm sure for the non-sleeve hitch stuff you can get much cheaper than the sleeve hitch stuff.

    But in fact, I was able to get a complete sleeve hitch for $10 from the Home Depot on Six Forks Rd. here in Raleigh. They marked it as slow moving stock, and its list price was $150.

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