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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eatonpcat, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. eatonpcat

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    I have two quotes that I would like your opinions on:

    Toro - 36" Gear Drive Floating Deck Walk behind, Pistol Grip w/ 15 HP Kohler $2595.00
    mulch kit is an additional $160.00

    Exmark - 48" Gear Drive Fixed Deck, ECS Walk Behind w/ 15 HP Kohler $2699.00. No mulch kit price

    Which would be a better mower for mowing 3 acres twice a week??
  2. MMLawn

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    I got the exact same mower, 2005 Model last week for $2500 + sales Tax for Cash.

    Also the dealer told me that eXmark is no longer making any WB without ECS Control's beginning with the 2005's.
  3. MarcSmith

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    I'd take the exmark. easy to change blade height with spacers....if your only mowing one property you should not have to change height once you get it set....that extra 12" of cut will go a long way to getting the ice tea in your hand a lot quicker...The mulch kit for the exmark would be around the same price, there has to be one out there....If you have any gates though that are small then go for the 36....

    you price diff is only about 100 bucks....what is your time worth.....

    on one 100ft pass with the 36" will net you 300 sqft where as with the 48" your going to get 400 sqft not acounting for overlap for every three passes with the 48, you going to have to do four with the 36...
  4. eatonpcat

    eatonpcat LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the info, I will try to get the dealer down to 2500.00 or have him throw in the mulch kit.

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