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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kickin Your Grass, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Kickin Your Grass

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    I want to look professional and stand apart from my competitors. I have decided to have my trailer painted to match my business colors. I would like your opinion on what it should be.

    I posted a poll in the truck and trailer section. Below is the link. Thanks for your opnion in advance!

  2. Runner

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    With a white truck? Your trailer should be white. A white trailer is not all that common, but is always extremely clean and professional looking. I posted this same thing on that thread.
    As far as prep, sandblast (not strip clean), grey primer, and paint.
    Also, what is the deal with the high sides all the way around your trailer? It seems like it would be much more useful to have lower sides to be able to reach in to grab stuff, or for refueling and such. I can understand a "security" issue, but with an open trailer, it is so limited, anyway. Also, the trimmers are all on the outside, anyway. That would be the first thing I would be doing...cutting the sides down to useful heights, THEN do the repainting. This would also allow you to build a gatelift for you gate. That is one heavy gate....built very well. All in all, it is a nice trailer, though!
  3. Matt k

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    Before you paint the trailer, you may want to rework your logo to stand apart.

    Paint the trailer White and then do signage in the other colors!
  4. lakesregionscapes

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    If you go with white you'll need to clean and retouch constantly or it will look ratty really fast. Repainting will show your red underneath at every scratch (we had a bright blue truck with highway dept orange under it, ugghh!)
    Someone suggested using the red on the truck to pull it together; seems worth exploring that idea... Ours are black - easy to retouch every year.

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