Opinions on the "Better Quick 36 Hydrostatic Commercial Walk Behind Mower"

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by timmer_21, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. timmer_21

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    I am considering on buying this type of mower, but it would be nice to know of any problems with it before hand.

    -Here are some of the stats that were given to me.-
    *Hydrostatic Drive Gives You the Convenience of "No-Clutch No-Shift" Instant Forward to Reverse "On the Fly". It Also Gives You Infinitely Variable Ground Speed So You Can Choose Your Perfect Pace
    *13 HP Commercial-Spec Briggs Intek Engine Features Pressure Lubrication, Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner and a Two-Stage Air Filter
    *Electric Start is Standard Equipment with a Recoil Backup Starter
    Wide 36" Three-Blade Deep-Tunnel Fabricated and Welded Mowing Deck *Provides a Beautiful Quality of Cut and Great Durability. 7 Easy to Adjust Height of Cut Positions From 1 to 4 Inches In 1/2" Increments.
    *Much Easier to Operate Than Most Commercial Mowers-Compact Size
    *Wide Range of Accessories Including Baggers and Mulching Kits
    *2 Year Homeowner/1 Year Commercial Warranty
    * The cost: $1995 with free shipping.

  2. The C Man

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    Posting in this Repair forum you're not likely to get a lot of responses. The Q36 just hit the market this year so I doubt anyone's had any major problems with one yet, none that I remember reading about anyway.

    I've had mine all summer and am very happy with it. Just use the search function on this website and you'll find plenty of info
  3. Up North

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    Timmer 21,
    Do a search for "Better Quick 36", there have been a few discussions about this mower in the forums. You'll get plenty of info there.


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