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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    OK so I've been shopping for a new trailer and I've only found 2 w/wood floors that interest me. A 6.5x16 and a 6x10. The 16" trailer is more than I'll ever need seeing as I intend to stay a solo operation. The 10" would do size wise, but I was kinda shooting for a little extra like say a 6x12. Now there are tons around in all kinds of sizes with mesh floors. But that looks weak to me and looks like something that would have to be re-done after a while. Am I wrong?

    Also I was thinking of picking up an Echo PAS to use for an edger primarily along with a few occasional use attachments. Meanwhile I have the Stihl FS 85 R for the trimming. But after looking I really like the Stihl edger design (FC 85 pictured) and the edger gearhead attachment sould be hitting dealers very soon.

    So I guess what I'm asking is should I get the PAS or use the Stihl as my power source for the edger & attachments? And then just pick up a new trimmer?
  2. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Here is the picture. Notice the extra wheel and straight shaft design.

  3. PaulJ

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    Your right about mesh floors not holding up. I will be replacing the mesh on my 5x8 with 3/4 treated plywood this season. the weld on the mesh all broke loose along the back and one side.

    You could get a trailer with a mesh floor and just replace it with wood when the mesh gives out. If the trailer is cost less initially.

    As far as you edger question. I am a big fan of the EDGIT. you could just put one on your trimmer and then you won't need a separate edger for weekly maintenance.

    just my $.02 worth
  4. hoffmanlandscaping

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    I agree with you on the trailers with a expanded metal deck they seem pretty cheap I would go with a wood deck if at all possible.
    As far as the lenght of the trailer I would lean towards the 16 foot over the 10 especailly if you plan on running a ZTR and a walkbehind just not enough room for me on a 10'. Ive been using a 6x12 low profile dump trailer to haul my equipment ( 61" scag truf Tiger 52" Scag SWUZ, 21" pusher and all the other goodies)around with and it was tight. I'm now building a 6'6"x14' trailer with all the goodies to haul my equipment around. As far a the edger I would Go with the stihl just because I'm a stihl GUY. I'd add on an edging attachment to your current 85R and then when time and money allow purchase a 2nd 85 that way if you had problem with either you have a backup handy. Have a good season.
  5. 65hoss

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    The design of the Stihl edger is awesome. Mine has 2 seasons on it now, and its still remains one of the best purchases I've made. The larger opening between the blade and shield means it never clogs up. I've never had it stop the blade. Front wheel does make it real easy to handle. It remains the best design out there.
  6. Piedmont Lawn

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    There is a welding shop in Baton that will make what ever you want, nice trailers I have looked at them, good price too. I will PM you with a phone number some time this week when I can find it.

    Junior gave me a price of around $750.00 or less "cant recall" :drinkup: :drinkup: for a 6.5x12 wood floor, mesh drop gate. But you have to buy something to get the deal. So quit sweating all the details and go pick up a new Pro Steer or a Z and trailer to haul it home on.



    PS: I have a FC-85 you can try out if you will get down off that hill and buy me lunch when you pick up your new Gravely....:D
  7. SLS

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    I use a 6.5 x 12 with a wood floor and mesh gate.

    Got it for around $650 (new) w/lights)

    By the time I load a 36" WB in the nose (facing side to side) and pull my Lazer Z up on it there is just enough room to squeeze a 22" pusher (also sideways) on the tail. At that point it is totally packed.

    The next one is going to be a 16' (tandem w/brakes) for sure.
  8. TJLC

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    Envy, I'm also solo and started with a 6x12 and NEVER thought I would EVER need a bigger trailer. I now have a 6.5x16 dual axle. It is the perfect size for me. I have my gas cans along the front, a 21", 2 w/b's, one with the sitdown sulky attached. I like others, learned the hard way, always buy bigger than you think you need ,cause you never know.

    Ps. I like the looks of the sthil edger. I need to look at them when I'm ready to buy another. The straight shaft looks like it would be a plus. Good luck.
  9. ksland

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    "The 16" trailer is more than I'll ever need seeing as I intend to stay a solo operation."

    Wow, you must have really small mowers:p
  10. FrankenScagMachines

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    My 6.5x12 seems like it will be about right for my little operation. You know or can see what all I have (sig. lines).
    Has wood floors and sides (bolted to the angle iron rails, handy so you don't lose stuff). I might make a lift assist spring for the gate, the 4' long one even though short is heavy. This trailer is nice in that it has a 5,000 lb. axle and 15" wheels with truck tires but those tall tires are also a pain in that it makes it wider and taller (steeper gate angle). But the height was fixed by turning the hitch over. And the extra capacity might be nice sometime when hauling something heavier. But it does not have brakes. If you get one as large as a 6x12 you should look for one with brakes.
    (the gate is steeper than when behind the van in the pic cause it's hooked to the Wheel Horse).
    There is a divider board for the blower, gas cans and toolbox and then there's two 21" mowers and my Scag and sulky. With the sulky it makes it take up the whole trailer (without hooking it to the handlebars).


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