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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by muddstopper, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. muddstopper

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  2. muddstopper

    muddstopper LawnSite Silver Member
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    The TGMI blower has two engine options, 18hp and 20 hp. The blower fan is 16 inches in dia. Cost new$5995

    Bowie blowers have 25hp engines, not sure of the blower fan size, I was told 18 inches but havent been able to confirm. Priced Over $6000

    YellowJacket Blower- 20 inch blower fan, 25 hp engine, Twelve gal fuel tank and automotive battery. Cost of machine in picture is $6000 even. Options include 27hp engine, hour meter, oil and amp gauge and a suction attachment so you can use it as a Vac.
  3. o-so-n-so

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    I would have a hard time getting over that price for something that would set most of the time.(my situation)

    If you have a need for it.....looks like a quality set up. Not to large but large enough. IMO
  4. muddstopper

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    I hydroseed so it wont set much. I was needing a small machine and was trying to get the most bang for the buck. The closest comparable machine, as far as horsepower and blowing capacity is Reinco's powerblower and it cost twice as much. Blowing fan is 2 inches bigger in dia and it has 34hp. The YellowJacket blower specs out better than Finns, Bowie and TGMi's machine and cost less. Of course just comparing tailgate mulchers to each other and not the bigger machines.
  5. Planet Landscaping

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    Mud :waving: , The 2 main ones in use around here R, Goosen and Agrifab. They take a whole square 50# BALE. A slab at a time aint gonna cut it by me. I have A 1987 Goosen I use. Can be had a 3pt or self gas powered. Call If U wanna chat. Bill (IAhp :waving: )
  6. JB1

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    I'm not familiar with that one, I now have the Finn B-40 it will blow straw as fast as you can feed it into it. The guys don't like it as they have to work harder with it compared to the old agrimetal.
  7. muddstopper

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    Planet, I checked out the Goosen blower a couple of years ago and talked to a couple of people that owned them and I got mixed reviews. Those that liked Goosen loved them, those that didnt, hated them. Seemed to be no middle road of "they are ok" I havent checked out the agrifab blower. So no comment on them. as for the Finn b40, the yellow jacket blower specs out as a better machine and cost less to boot. Finns B40 blower has a 6 bladed 17inch fan where as the yellow jacket has a 8 bladed 20 in fan. I bought the YellowJacket but only put one bale thru it to see how well it would do. I was impressed as to the amount of air it moves and how it practicly sucked the straw inside to blow it out. When I demoed the machine, it was setting flat on the ground but still gave excellent coverage at 45 ft and marginal coverage even further out. My biggest concern is how fine it chops the straw. Almost into fibers. I am going to remove a couple of the frail chains, (it has 8 instead of the 6 that the finn uses) to see if I can get a little coarser mulch. The fine fibers seem to be affected more by the wind when applying. I feel with a coarser grind that the straw would carry farther and yeild a larger coverage area.

    I did try the machine to see how well it would work as a leaf blower. It dont only move leaves, but limbs, and rocks and mud clods. The reason I tried it on the leaves is because of a two acre leaf cleanup. I figure If it will blow them into a big pile and then use the vac to suck them up I can save a couple of days labor.
  8. Gilla Gorilla

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    How much does that unit that you bought weight?
  9. muddstopper

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    I didnt ask the weight but estimate around around 700lbs. Since I am not at home now I cant look at the spec sheet to be sure. I hualed it home in a 1/2 ton short bed dodge pickup and it didnt make it squat. I also had 500 lbs of seed on the truck and wasnt anywhere near overloaded. I also slid it around on the floor of my shop by hand. Best answer I can give you.

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