Opinions on Toro 44" hydro pistol grip wb

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. brucec32

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    Other than the traction and deck heavy design, should I be wary of buying a 2003 model Toro hydro pistol grip 44" SFS deck wb mower?

    How do they mulch?
    I owned a t bar version and it cut well except for needing more power (15hp Kohler single) and the T bar steering was just not a good design on the hydro models. Too jerky.

    I have read that the pistol grips gave much better control. I need a unit for ocassional use where the ZTR won't reach (gates, hills) so I could live with the pistol grips for the short amount of time it'd be used.
  2. Fareway Lawncare

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    Please Don't Get me Started on Toro Hydro Floaters...

    The SFS Sux Compared to Most Newer Decks...Its Over 20 Years Old...They Mulch Like Crap & the Kit Weighs down the Front end...Wait for TF Decks.

    The T-Bar is a Joined control which Means you have Very Poor control over Individual Wheel Spin during Z-Turns...Very Bad Hydro Control System...Whoops just noticed you said Pistols...They're Better.

    The Carrier Frames are Hackneyed attempts to fit Vertical Height Adjusts w/the SFS decks and are Unbalanced and Poorly Concieved.

    The only Toro walks work consideration are the Fixed Deck Pistol Grip Hydros.

    ..... because they're eXmarks.
  3. Mark McC

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    I looked at an '04 Toro 52/17 SFS, a showroom model while out and about a few weeks ago and there was rust under the deck already. They were trying to unload it for $3,999. When I got back home, I tried a search on SFS and found a LOT of really negative feedback. I'd avoid the SFS like Typhoid Mary.

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