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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fyshstykr, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. fyshstykr

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    Hey gentlemen, how's it goin'?

    Give me your opinions, good and bad. Just starting my business this year and I'm trying to pick up good, but cheap, used equipment.

    I understand that Toro's "super-recyclers" are good, dependable machines. I just picked up 2-1995, 22" power driven mowers for $60 a piece. They seem to run good and look real clean for how old they are.

    I've also picked up a Billy Goat E-Z aerator that's 1 year old, for a very good price.

    Also a Craftsman Commercial 3.5 horse edger, almost new-for $100.

    Looking to pick up a new backpack blower and a trimmer (Stihl and Echl).

    I'm still undecided on ZTR or a WB. Hoping to get a used one.

    Any suggestions you can offer on what I've gotten and what I should be looking for would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance! :drinkup:
  2. out4now

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    from AZ
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    The blade edger should have been cheaper.Nothin wrong with used stuff as long as it runs good and is dependable. On 21's I always took into account throwing away the engine even if it ran when I bought a used one. Learned this after paying a litle too much for one I gave to my Dad and got a call that it stranded him in the middle of a lawn a few weeks after buying it. Never bought a used walk behind. What size are you looking for? Would a new Quick36 be a good choice? They only have a single hydro but it would be new. May be able to pick up a god belt drive used. Ok for startingout but you will want to move into a hydro fast as possible. Some guys on here have bought off eBay and been pleased with what they got. may want to explore that too.
  3. jd6323

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    I'm happy you asked this being that I am having a really hard time deciding to buy a new or used walkbehind. The way I'm looking at it is if I can get a mower that will last me at least a season while I expand my business why not when it's less than half the price of a new one?

    I've also been thinking about getting a stihl backpack blower off of ebay but can't decide if it's worth the money saved.
  4. skidmaster

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    Good and cheap? Nothing that is good is cheap, that is an oxymoron. Scag mowers, new or used, are built like tanks, hold there value, are not cheap, but will make you money and make your work look good. Shindaiwa trimmers, both hedge and weedwackers have a high power to weight ratio, are dependable and are perfectly balanced for all day everyday use. Shindaiwa backpacks, I've used them for twelve years and they are the best I've used. Stay away from craftsman it's another word for homeowner deluxe. Another tip, lay off the beer a little and put the money towards good expensive equipment so you can drink expensive wine!
  5. Scag413

    Scag413 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a bought a used 2004 Tiger Cub 19hp 48" with only 53 hrs. on it for $4,650 with a mulch plate and eliminator blades. I would say if you buy used be patient because a good deal will come along. I know you dont have much time until the spring so you can only be patient for so long, but if you buy used I think it usually works out better. Good Luck!
  6. nocutting

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    Definately get a "New Back Pk", now just find yourself a good used Leafloader and a Lesco Renovator [ seeder/slicer]....Sounds like your off to a Great Start, Good Luckpayup
  7. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    If you can do a minimal amount of repairs used equipment usually will be just fine. I run a lot of equipment in mid size lawn service and we use Scag and Snapper. Some of our units are 5 years old with a lot of use but we didn't have a unit down all season. I bought a used Walker for $1500 and got it going and it has run just fine. We do buy new however but we use a lot of used stuff. We run with a couple backups such as 2 32" Scag belt driven WB that are many years old. Keep your overhead low.
  8. lawnguy001

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    Used is O.K. , as long as you stay fairly up to date as far as age of stuff you buy.Lots of junk for sale.I'd say nothing older than 2 years. No 2 cyle stuff if you can help it. Just my 2 cents.

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