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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by terryswafford, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I'm not trying to start a Ford vs Chevy thing but I need a z turn mower for a specific purpose. I have spent all week talking to dealers and they all say there mower is best suited for my needs. (go figure). Anyway I am cutting around some lakes once a month. The grass is just tough field grass. It will always be tall and some times it will likely be wet. I'm not cutting pretty yards with stripes just tough grass . So as you can see I need a tough mower to deal with this. There is also a couple of hills that i will have to deal with. The dealers that I have talked to are Exmark, Bob Cat, Scagg, Gravely. Thanks for any help .
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    Scags are the best on hills from my experience. I have run exmark, etc. and the wider wheel base of the machines makes it much safer in my opinion. But you will have different guys with different opinions. Plus no one makes a more HD more than Scag
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    The dealers are pretty much right. I'd buy which ever one you can get the best deal on and you're good to go.

    All of these mowers are "HD", the scag no more so than any of the others. I will agree that the Scag's do appear to have a slight advantage on side slopes, but not much.

    If the slopes you're mowing are steep then the Scag may be the best bet. In every other way they're just average. Which is not a slam on them as they're all 'average" because the standards for commercial ZTRs is so high.

    I own a bunch of ZTRs and price is the overriding factor as all the rest of it is a given.
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    I cant speak for other brands, but I would like to add the new Scag Velocity deck excels at cutting thick grass, exactly as you described. The wide discharge and high velocity blowout seem well suited for that, plus it still leaves a great cut in the short green stuff.
  5. traman

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    if your going to be cutting around ponds and occasional wet conditions ,i wouldn't even be looking at a z-turn .i would get the bigest walk behind i could find much safer,and you can always add a sulky to it for speed.

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