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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by efaubert1, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. efaubert1

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    I'm new to the forum and have a question or two. First, my FIL is pretty young at 55, and is retiring next year. He has always worked in the agricultural industry, and is one of those guys that will die if he doesn't keep busy. So he, my brother in law, and myself are going to help set him up to start a small lawn care business. Before we go off and spend a huge amount of money on an Exmark, Ferris, Grasshopper and so on we want to get his feet wet. And I personally would like to get some input on used mowers I have looked at recently. I looked at an 1993 Grazer FR18 w/ 52" deck and the frame, body and deck construction appear to be commercial quality. The price I feel is reasonable at $1200, and the guy actually let me mow 1/2 and acre of his yard to try it out. Does anybody have any opinions on the Grazer brand here?
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    It would be 12oo dollars wasted. Get something that is built to cut grass, not play in it. get a machine that is built to runn all day long - everday. Even though he won't be running it that much, he will STILL need the dependability. These machines that LOOK like they are a commercial machine are not even close to those that really are. Even if it is a used machine, a quality brand name COMMERCIAL grade mower is the way to go. Theere are several threads on this sorrt of thing, and they always end up with the same conclusion.
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    That was my first zero turn mower I ever owned and regretted not putting the money in something else. Is it chain or hydro? Either way, I had a lot of problems. Too numerous to list. Spend the money wisely elsewhere.
  4. efaubert1

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    It is chain drive. I didn't realize these weren't actually commercial grade. I know that Ingersoll is now the parent company. So what brands would you suggest, really and truly. Lets say your first mower you COULDN'T spend more than $2500 on, as you needed other equipment and so forth to get the business rolling. I.E. trailer, blower, edger, insurance and so on.

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