Opinions please: State job or family business

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by NateV, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. NateV

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    Ok guy well here’s the deal. I’m 19 and have been working for Penndot since Oct 1st. I’m not considered a full timer but I work full time hours. I have to do this for about 6 months, usually right after winter is over they hire the ones they want to keep full time. So anyway there’s probably a pretty good chance I’ll get offered one of the full time spots. Can’t say 100% but I think its pretty good chance.

    But the thing is dirt is in my blood. Id be the 3rd generation and that’s what I want to do but with the way things are and my dad doesn’t have much work lined up it makes me wonder. Would I be better off taking the state job with a pay that’s there every 2 weeks and benefits and pension or do what do the excavating and work with my dad. He seems to want me to go the state route. I don’t know if he doesn’t think I can handle the business or what. But I don’t want to end up putting say 15 yrs in with the state then go and decide to go back to the dirt because id be halfway done with the state and could retire. Other wise I would only get a partial pension. Everyone iv talked to tells me to do the state since im young and can retire young but im just not sure. I know this is all about what make me happy and its my decision but I just wanted to hear what you guys have to say about it.

  2. Dirt Digger2

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    for what its worth.....i have known many guys that worked for PENNDOT here in the eastern part of the state and have never heard a single good thing

    they have truck drivers holding flags, rookies "operating" equipment, guys that just get hired ranked above 10 years, etc...

    but thats just what i have been told....along with the fact i bet it gets boring standing there with 5 other guys watching 1 person scrape a dead raccoon off the road
  3. Junior M

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    From seeing the state work here and all the bull crap they go through, and then just seeing how crappy they do work, and of course how little they do. I couldnt stand to work for them, just not my kind of thing, I hate standing around...
  4. NateV

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    as one of the other employees told me. "its pretty much a cartoon just with new characters" there are a lot of bad things you hear..

    but it is a guaranteed job.

    this job does make me feel lazy though. after work i go down to our shop even if its just to sweep up the shop or clean windows in the machines. i just need to do something.
  5. tnmtn

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    i don't know anything about penndot but it kind of reminds me of gravel rats threads. he has a gov't job instead of the dirt work. read a few of his threads and decide if the state job is still for you. there are many good sides to retiring early. it would take a lot of pressure off when starting your second career of dirt work.
    good luck,
  6. Junior M

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    Why dont you stick with this and see how it goes through winter and by next spring see where dad is at with work, and if he has the work to give you a guaranteed job go with him if he doesnt then I guess go with the state job..
  7. coopers

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    I'd say take it for now and there's nothing stopping you from leaving. I have the opportunity to retire at 53 (30 years from now, haha) but it's earlier than most. That's still young enough to then take over my excavation business full time...that is if I don't decide to that before I retire. Why wouldn't you be able to do side jobs with your dad when it comes up?
  8. YellowDogSVC

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    a pension is nice but you can set up a roth ira and retire a millionaire without letting the state suck the life out of you. Do what makes you happy and you will do a good job and not have any regrets later in life..
  9. NateV

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    well im definatly staying there till spring when they decide who there gonna keep and who there gonna lay off.

    and as far as my dad giving me a guaranteed job thats not gonna happen. he doenst even work a full week that often anymore. hes starting to slow down now and i want to go full speed ahead lol.
  10. coopers

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    Well you might have to sacrifice working for someone or doing something you won't like 100% to eventually get to where you want. You're 19, that's a lot of wiggle room in life to move around between jobs. I did some stupid stuff, things that I wasn't totally interested in to get to where I am now. Like I said, I'd stay with the State, when you're dad has some jobs, help him out...and go from there. Maybe look into something else that would be more interesting than the State. Maybe another large busy excavation company.

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