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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Mar 8, 2001.

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    is it considered lowballing if another company isn't producing the quality that you produce and their customers are unhappy. and all you do is meet his bid and get the yard? this subject has come up around town and alot of the companies customers want a change. what do you guys think?
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    My openion of low balling might be different then others here,
    but if you drop your price just to get an account from another LCO that is low balling.

    IF the service isnt what the customer wants or up to his standards, and HE ask for another LCOs bid. Its open game.

    If YOU go to him and dis another LCO, "I can do it better"
    for "his Price" thats low balling.

    If you give a price thats above board, you get what you want out of it, and your prices are in line on other accounts with the compitition thats bussiness.

    DO NOT get significantly lower prices on accounts.

    The way I look at it is I can go broke sitting on my butt, I dont have to work at it.

    Its simple you can mow 50 yards at $100.00, and make $5000.00, or you can 100 yards at $50.00. Somthing to think about.

    You will only take an account that wants to be taken.

    Treat others like you want to be treated and all will be well.

    Just my openion, and openions are like certin parts of the anotomy, everybody has them and at times all of them have stunk.

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    My opinion is slightly different from Jim's. Low balling is a term used only by the LCO, or any business in any industry for that matter, that lost the account. Many times businesses accuse others of low balling when they have no idea what price was actually taken on the lost account. It is kind of a pride thing. The loser tries to rationalize why he lost the account. Easiest way is to acuse the other business of some sort of low underhanded dealings that were unfair in some way, thus low balling!

    Pure and simple, business is business! It is much like war, there are no real rules, just a winner and a loser.

    If you need work and you want an account, you go after it! Be agressive if you need to be. You do not sit out and say "Well that is ABC LCO's account, I'll stay away from that one until they call me someday". Someday will never come!

    In some industries, deals are made by giving the customer a months worth of product free. It's like, paying 1,000 to make 10,000 instead of 11,000. Would you do it? Depends on what you want. One guy make look at it and say no way, but another see's a good deal! Everyone is different and everyone runs their business different.

    If you are worried about ticking off other LCO's, STOP! They will be ticked no matter what when they lose an account to you. If you got the account for twice what the other LCO use to get, do you think they will send you a "GREAT GUY" card in the mail or stop someday and say "Good Job, welcome to the industry".

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