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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lech615, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. Lech615

    Lech615 LawnSite Member
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    Alright, I am just begining my business and have started off just using my Last name as the name of my business. Right know I am called IKEN LAWN CARE. My wife and I have been talking about changine the name. We came up with IKEN MOW IT. My last name is pronounced "I Can". I kinda like it and I think it sounds good, but I figured I would ask you guys for you opinion. Thanks in advance.:cool:
  2. Fine Lines Lawn

    Fine Lines Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Kind of catchy. I like it :)
  3. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    Sorry, but DEFinitely stay away from the "Iken Mow it" thing! It depends on what you want to be reflected as, a professional Grounds Maintenance Service? Or a "lawn mowing service". Because I know aLOT of those! I think I see one at about every intersection I drive through! Take your time at this, and come up with something catchy, clever, short, (that one's is my fallback right now) and easy to remember. I'm seriously considering a transition in names myself at this time as I'm diversifying into some other areas of the green industry. I pretty much have a name picked out, I just don't know if I want to have it as a seperate subsiary of my company, or just change the whole co. name over. I kind of hate to do this, because I've had this name for 17 years now, and have a great reputation and well known name around town. All I can tell you, is at this point, you DEFinitely don't want to go with "Ground Zero."
  4. smburgess

    smburgess LawnSite Senior Member
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    Runner said it all.
  5. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    Make the name something better, and you can use the "Ikan mow it" as a slogan.

    XOFMOT LawnSite Member
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    Try this one on for size.......Just a thought......

  7. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thats pretty good!
  8. Tropical Trim

    Tropical Trim LawnSite Member
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    Iken the like it!
  9. Albemarle Lawn

    Albemarle Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We're so fast because our mowers are Turban equipped.

    Hala Kalem.
  10. Lech615

    Lech615 LawnSite Member
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    Hey, Tom that is pretty good. Thanks I like it and I might just use it.:blob2:

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