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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TJLC, Aug 23, 2000.

  1. TJLC

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    Hello, all. First I would like to thank the people responsible for this great site. In the short time I've been on, Iv'e received some great advise and help.Thanks again. Now for my question: In everyones opinion, when you give a price on a lawn, do you base it on one pass at an average speed or do you factor in that you might have to double cut? For example, down here in Fl an average 80x125 lot goes for $18-20 cut, trim, blow. If the grass is thick, should you cut the lawn twice for that price or do the best you can in one pass. I hope this is not a dumb question! Thanks for any help and advise.
  2. Guido

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    It may not be at your location, but I think that price is a little low even for one pass! Someone closer to you in Florida can help you more with that though.

    But.......to answer your question, I guess you can say yes. You should always leave a little leway in your pricing in case something comes up, for an example, double cutting as you mentioned. There are a number of other things. You have to think how long it would take to do the job, worst case,......not on your best day with one pass in nice dry grass with a cool springs breeze!!

    Hope this helps!!

  3. Charles

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    I always price lawns(from the beginning) as I vision them having high grass at one time or another
  4. Starling Lawn

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    I`m in Fla,20.00 for a cut is way to low.I would not unload the trailer for that.You need to set a higher minimum.Just try it,you`ll be surprised how many people agree to pay without balking.30.00 a cut is a good reference point for this size lot.
  5. TJLC

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    dls7133,where I'm at in Fla you are lucky to get 18-20 dollars per cut! There's people here who will do it for 12-15!
  6. Charles

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    I have heard that about Fla prices being so low. How sad
  7. TJLC

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    Charles, there are people here who will argue over a dollar or two in the price of a cut!!!
  8. stick

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    I feel your pain, I too am in the same boat that you are in.
    20.00 a cut your doing good and am not kidding! Must be 20-30 ads in the news paper that say "any standard size lawn $15" am not kidding eithier. That why I must bust my ass to cut 100+ lawns a week as a one man LMO. In this area its not the quality of the job, its the price. Most people are 65+, fixed income, and very very cheap. Most LMO's are semi-retired people that do it just because they did not plan right for there retriement. Thats what is killing the price per. cut in this area, but there is a high turn over rate here on accounts. I get 5-10 phone calls a day, and mostly waste my mins. on the cell phone asking them about their property, as such as, area, type of grass, irragation system, and the williness to pay a monthy fee all year around. If they do not answer these questions right, forget it!
    Who said it was harder to cut grass up north than the south? Come work with me for a day and you'll get the facts straight.
  9. A solo operator with a 44 to 52" and a 32" walkbehind could make $2k a week mowing those little residentials ALL YEAR
  10. stick

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    I agree Stoner, but you bust your ass to do it. Thats 20+ lawns a day for one guy. Most good LMO's have 2 guys that bust out 40+ a day. But finding 1 helper here thats going to do 40+ with you is other big problem. When they can go work at Wal-mart in nice cool air conditioning for the same pay. Its just plain common sense, they don't make people like they use too anymore.

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