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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TJLC, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. TJLC

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    I have three fresh water canal yards I mow now with fairly steep banks. The other day I was mowing and came within 15-20 feet of I'd say about a 6 ft gator. This is before I read about the lady who had her arm ripped off by one about the same size. I'm just curious how some of you guys would handle this.

    1) Stop mowing these yards and all fresh water yards and explain to the property owners that I'm not comfortable with this?

    2) Deal with it and keep mowing?
  2. Doogiegh

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    It it was me, I wouldn't mow them.. No way.. You're not talking about a bees nest or some rats or other wildlife. You're talking being within lunging distance of a alligator, of which there is deadly chance..

    No way.. I'd be out of there so quick.. Dude, for the "PROFIT" of that account for 40 mowings a year, let someone else do it and find another account..

    Posts like this make me LOVE the crowd and congestion of New Jersey, even if for only a short time. <G>
  3. o-so-n-so

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  4. I`d still do it. sounds like a cool account. If it came too close i`d shoot it. you can do that in self defence. and u`d get a cool skin. if it was me i`d continue to mow it but then again i`m an avid hunter and i`d be pleasured to take care of the situation. even if you did get chased they can`t catch you if you run in zig zags or make sharp turns. Do you have a sapling blade for your trimmer?:p
  5. Doogiegh

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    Hey TJLC,

    With all respect for CMLawn, remember that he's from CANADA.. The biggest danger for him while mowing would be getting caught in a snowball fight where they pack the balls with ice. Biggest decision is how many LAYERS of jackets to wear to keep warm.

    :D :D :D

    You're talking Alligators.. :eek:

    Like I said, I'd do a quick profit check, how many accounts would you be giving up, and go elsewhere.. I don't know much about Gators, but if you're in gator areas, why even BOTHER to mess?
    Especially if you get caught off guard or into a corner or something.. What are you gonna do??

    And I heard that running in zig-zags is an urban legend and they CAN get you.. Cause even though they can't run zig-zag, when was the last time YOU ran zig-zags???? :eek:

  6. i`ll back down cuz i`ve never delt with gators , i`d just hang it up on my wall is all. We dont mow in the winter, so no snowballs while mowing. and the more common snowball mix in not ice its dog ****. and i can ride my sled all day and only wear a t-shirt under my tough duck and not be at all cold. I dont wanna get a rep like lawncare3 . that just posts for the sake of postin no matter if he knows about the subject or not .
  7. 1grnlwn

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    If you are walking I would run away forever. Rider I might stay I would put my heavy ferris against a gator. Skwish his brains out LOL. Probably have to clean out pants each time. Are there snakes too? Shoot they even startle me.

  8. DLS1

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    The only thing I would risk my life for is my family,rescuing another person from danger, fighting in a war for my country to name a quick few. Cutting someones yard doesn't qualify. Are you married with kids. If you die or loose an arm or leg so you couldn't mow anymore who will support your family.

    Just trying to put this in perspective for you. There is always more yards to mow for another day.
  9. paponte

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    TJLC, I just read about that in the paper. I am currently in Florida visiting my in-laws. There are gators right in their backyard. I think i would still do the houses, just be a little more cautious. But it is your choice, not anyone else's. If you are uncomfortable and feel unsafe, then drop them. your safety is #1.
  10. IBGreen

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    I would just keep an eye or two out and just use you're best judgement on the situation. I would not let a gator keep me from continuing service on that property, unless he kept tearing the wheels off my ztr or something.

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