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    I'm in my second year here in SW PA. I picked up about 15 clients from a nickel dime type neighbor and only ended up keeping about two of them due to my $20.00 minumum charge. Today I almost got into a fist fight with one prospective client over my minimum charge. Their old service provider was only mowing for $8.00 under the table. Mind you this is not medium sized yard which is terraced. I estimated it would take two men with 21 inch mowers roughly 25 minutes to complete the whole project. I am expensive or are they too cheap?
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    Running into the same thing here in MO. I've gone with a $25 minimum, figuring I can always go down if I don't get any business at all, but it sure is hard to go up. I also figured it would eliminate some of the very small properties that are hard to get around on with a 50 inch. From reading a lot of posts on here, and asking other lco's, I think one has to have some type of minimum, and stick with it, otherwise you'll have a bunch of propeties which add up to a lot of work, with little or no profit.

    And, if it does indeed take 50 minutes at $8, that is less than $9 per hour, not counting loading, unloading, gasoline, and other expenses. You'd be better off working at Wal-Mart's.
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    Dont stop for less than $20 per mow. Ya gotta have a minimum.Even if its a little old lady on S.S.. etc. etc.
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    Move on,forget about it.
    Why a fist fight? They don't want to pay so you don't give them service.

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