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opinon on prep


LawnSite Silver Member
transition zone
I have gotten tired of trying to remove every rock from some of the lawns I do. Preping with a power rake seems to just keep bringing them to the surface. I decide to try something different this past weekend. Instead of trying to loosen the soil deep by tilling, which just gives more rocks, I set the power rake about 2 inches to level and smooth the lawn and then raised it up to where it would just skim the surface and rake the visible rocks to the side. I then hooked up my areovator and went over the entire area. What i found was that the areovator would make the surface super smooth and cover all the little stones under the dirt. Durn lawn looked like a lettuce bed with little holes all in it. I then hydroseeded over top of the area. I have never heard of anyone areating for new seeding before, only when overseeding. Do you guy feel that this process will work and that the areovator loosened the soil to a sufficent depth as to be comparable to tilling the soil. Sure was a durn site faster and a lot less work than the tilling. Am also curious as to whether the hole getting full of hydromulch from the hydroseeding might even hold a little more water or whether it just provides a place for the water to drain. Anyway, I did it and should see the results in a few days good or bad. Lets hear your opinions.


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Got any pics. The only thing I would worry about is if it rained and the seed got washed into the aerator holes. Then it would look like you planted grass in rows like corn. That may be a problem for you I dunno.