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    Hey everyone,
    I wanted to say i enjoy this site very much, it has helped me out quite a bit. Anyway, I know this has been discussed many times, but i can't find the posts, so i will ask again.
    Which manufacturer of commercial 21" mowers, in your oppinion have a quality product? I am in the market for another trim mower, and i am having a tough time deciding which company deserves my hard earned cash.
    Thanks for any replies,
    Best Regards,
  2. TClawn

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    well, how much use is this thing going to see? heavy? or two or three property's a week that can't squeeze any other mowers into?

    for heavy use, I would buy either a toro proline, or a honda hrc 216.

    for lighter duty, I would get a toro super recycler, or a honda hrx series mower.
  3. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    snapper or toro
  4. Green lawns

    Green lawns LawnSite Member
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    We run the 21" toro prolines! They are great mowers and hold up very well.
  5. lawnboy dan

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    i have owne d them all and nothing beats the john deere jx85. its very expencive and hard to find but is the very best $ can buy. it does everything well and is the drive train is more durable than the toro proline + it has 5 usable speeds. is any 21worth 1200? -yes this one is!
  6. naturescape

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    Snapper, Snapper, SNAPPER!
  7. Yard Perfect

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    I like the Honda commercial model for its durability. Evan employees can't hurt them.
  8. dsmrolla06

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    The dealer said the the toros commercial 21" would be going up to around 1200 next season, and they didnt have any left in stock from this one...
  9. Mowingman

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    JD quit making the JX 85, several years ago. The warranty claims on those machines was greater than their profit on them.
  10. Allen's LS

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    Honda HRC 216 For heavy use. Or Ariens for lighter duty. :drinkup:

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