opti 2 oil for 2 strokes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clc19chase, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. clc19chase

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    anyone had bad luck with opti-2 I use the "2 pumps per gallon" jug of it and have been through too many Stihl Bg 85 handheld blowers in the last 3 years. they all have started knocking an eventually locking up. just wondering if the opti ratio may be too lean. any thought or comments
  2. Jason Rose

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    I use Opti 2, have for years now. I love the pump in the gallon jug too, super cheap way to buy the stuff compared to the 2.5 gallon pouches I used to but it in.

    anyway, as for the BG85, well I have one of those too, and Iv'e experimented a lot with different mixes and fuels (premium over reg. unleaded) because mine, and others I know of, are all very hard to run when it's hot out, if they will run at all. Iv'e never seized one up with opti-2 oil though.

    I found that mine runs best in the heat using PREMIUM fuel (no ethanol) and using a normal 50:1 ratio oil mix. Dosn't seem to matter what brand, Iv'e used Echo, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna. All make it work in hot weather much much better than it did with the opti-2. However, the last few days it's been in the low to mid 90's, and it's back to running terrible when I start it up. Have to stand there, hold it full throttle, and fiddle the choke back and forth for a good 1 or 2 minutes. Irritating as hell.
  3. i love grass

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    lawn boy 2 stroke oil is the best ive seen works great in the heat
  4. Roger

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    cls19chase, what mix ratio does that "two pumps" procedure create? The "two pumps" measure is meaningless.

    I have used Opti-2 in Stihl BG85 blowers with success. I use an 80:1 mix ratio.
  5. lawnboy dan

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    double the opti amount and you will be safe. i dont trust it at the rate they say to use. the new sthil ultra synt oil is execellent -my br600 and bg85 love it
  6. clc19chase

    clc19chase LawnSite Member
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    I have read where the two pumps per gallon is a 100 to 1 ratio. the techs at our repair shop also said it is 100 to 1 and they said it is the reason for failure. they recommended 4 pumps to the gallon or change to stihl oil.
  7. Jason Rose

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    Opti-2 is a whole different animal of oil compared to regular "ratio mix" type oils. It's not necessary at all to run it "rich", over the recommended amount of mix per gallon. Iv'e tried mixing mine a little strong before, and I mean just a LITTLE and I could tell a noticible difference in how the trimmers ran. They didn't run nearly as well, period. If you were to double the rate you would likely clog the carb. up.

    Iv'e used opti-2 for about 6 or 7 years now and I have NEVER had a 2 cycle engine fail on me. Sure they wear out and get "weak" with old age, but that's going to happen no matter what.

    If you feel uneasy about the 100:1 ratio of opti-1, a oil that's been PROVEN to be an excellent oil and has been around for many years, then don't use it. Just remember, when using most other oils, and running the "recommended" rate that you will likely see more problems with carbon build-up and clogged mufflers.

    DOLMARatOS LawnSite Member
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    I'd say the issue is with the Stihl handheld blowers. They don't seem to hold up well for long durations.

    We've seen a lot of failures on the 85's running all sorts of different oils.

    Between my dad and me we've been using Opti-2 for 45 years combined. I use it in everything and have never had a failure but I've seen some people that could put flat spots on a steel ball in a half hour.

    I'd say that if YOU are having a problem with a particular model of unit either try another model or go with whatever oil is recomended by your dealer or the manufacturer. The important thing is to stick with what is working for you.

    If a guy tells me that his units run for 10 years with whiz and tobacco juice in the fuel tank then I'll just chuckle and go along.

    If someone asks me my opinion on 2-cycle oil, engine oil, etc. and then proceeds to give me crap over what works from me I either stop talking with them....or pop em in da nose just to let them know they are being a jerk-wad.

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