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Options for large acerage


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern Indiana
Have a real good chance this year at landing many city parks mainenance contracts. One of the biggest is a 10 acre soccer complex. Rite now I own 5 commercial mowers ranging from 36" to 72" and I also own a 38 hp 2 year old compact tractor that I presently use only for bushhogging. For the big open areas, Im considering the purchase of a larger 3 point finish mower of some type for the compact but Im concerned with 38 hp I am not sure what the largest it will safely handle. Perhaps with gang reel type mowers I could go wider. I know they are higher mainenance, but I have good mechanical capabilities. Any suggestions from you guys that mow big places? What are your choices

J Hisch

LawnSite Bronze Member
Evansville IN
PJ, I know what your going for, and I am almost certain Bill whitley will get it. But who knows. Good Luck.


LawnSite Fanatic
Clinton, NJ
PJ, we (me personally) do 2 polo fields twice a week with 325 Toro Groundsmasters (72 inch deck). They are 10.5 acres each btw.


LawnSite Member
Hey Equipment Junkie I have a 60 hp John Deer diesel tractor with a 72 inch finish mower behind it and theres no way on Gods green earth that it will outcut either of my two Dixies,50 hp and 26 hp not to mention the fact that its a pita to haul to location. The Deer does shine on brushogging 4ft tall or up grass though.