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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kirk1701, Mar 21, 2010.

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    A couple a years back when I renovated the back yard I though no big deal on my decision with holly on the fence row and honeysuckles on the fence to cover the fence for privacy. However what I did wrong was plant grass all the way to the fence and I have been liming this area also ;)

    So you see the problem, Holly/honeysuckles: Acidic

    I'm thinking about killing off the grass this summer, put down landscaping paper and mulch. Probably 4x4 landscaping timbers in front of the holly and on the backside of the fence is where its going to get tricky and is where I need some options. The fence is 4" off the property line so I want to put something on the outside of the fence (So I don't have to desturb the honeysuckles on the inside of the fence) to prevent the mulch from going into the neighbors yard as we don't get along and would just end badly with another fight.

    Problem is also going to be getting access to the outside of the fence as the neighbor has us blocked off. I was thinking of ripping the 4X4 down the center and find a day the neighbor is not home and jump the fence and stake the ripped 4X4 in the ground unless you guys have a better ideas.

    Attached some pics of this area


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    Uhhh come on guys none of you have any idea's? :laugh:

    Figure a couple of you have run into a situation similar to this

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