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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DanaMac, Mar 27, 2003.

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    I am trying to hire a guy to be another sprinkler technician. Right now it is just myself. I just acquired another 300 clients so my work load has increased. This is a person that I would like to grow the company around. I want to make it profitable for him as well. If he helps the company grow and profit, then he profits. I would like him to grow into a tech/manager/salesperson position as I grow the company.

    One dilemma is that is the sprinkler tech field here in Colorado Springs it is not a full year round position. We are trying to come up with other ideas to keep busy during the winter. Winter weather and water restrictions will keep us from being year round. This also hinders us in being able to keep someone from year to year due to the significant time off. Which means trying to find someone skilled and with a professional attitude each year. Or try to train someone each year to troubleshoot and repair.

    So I am trying to find a way to pay him based on how much work he does. Something like, a decent hourly rate and a percentage of labor billed per repair/service job that he is on. For me to hire and keep this guy I can't pay him as an average Joe. He has run his own companies in the past and is a manager for a car rental company right now. He does have some experience but I will still have to train him on certain things. He also has the ability to be both professional and personal with the client.

    I would like any input on this as to how I can make it worthwhile for him and still make me $$. thanks

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