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    Hey any guys from up younder ?? Wondering if you know of any good reputable dealers in the area like near Goshen ?? for things like Walkers, Scag, RedMax, etc..... Also is their a Lesco up there ?? Thanks... Also , do the local villages require separate licences or is there a state license or none ?? Thanks fro any info..
  2. lahanko

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    Sullivan County NY here.

    Toro, Exmark and I believe Scag.
  3. hoagie

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    There is a walker dealer right in Goshen... actually it might be in Monroe, it's been a while. Mikes small engine or something like that.... In Newburgh theres G&S power equipment, Gary is the owner (good guy) who deals redmax, exmark, bobcat and grasshopper(also does good deals on minute-mount plows)... in Middletown there is a scag dealer... think the name is M&D Mower? Redmax is all over the place though... not hard to find.

    As far a license goes... none needed(that I know of) except for state pesticide license if you want to do anything at all. And I believe lesco will only sell to you if you have one. NY has some pretty strict rules about ferts/pesticides.

    There are a few other guys on here from the area that may know better than I.... I havent lived there in 3yrs.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback.. The pest license is probably pretty similar to that here in jursey.. 8 hour test on a saturday and wait three month s to get a bill for $225.oo half way through the season.. LOL...

    Is there a local association up there like the NJLCA here in jursey ??

    Thanks again guys
  5. Ax Man

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    Looking to move north?

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Possibly... Looking into my options... Found a house in Chester So I will see what happens.. You near there Ax man ?
  7. Ax Man

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    Used to be, 30 years ago.
    My Uncle and cousins are in the area, and my wifes family live on the other side of the river.
    I'm out in the boonies, south of Rochester.
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    Mikes Small Engine is now Hudson Valley Power Equipment (HVPE) on Route 17M between Chester and Monroe. Scott and Paul own the place and are a class act. They sell Scag, Ferris, BobCat, Stihl, Redmax, Echo. Very knowledgable. Good service. I bought an Exmark from G&S but they don't seem to be listed as a dealer anymore on Exmark's website. Exmark couldn't or wouldn't tell me why. I have no experience with their service cause I haven't needed any yet. Machine is less than a year old. I would have bought from HVPE but I wanted the new grips Exmark offers. I bought a RedMax blower and trimmer from HVPE. The primer pump foot had to be replaced. They ordered the part and replaced it, no problem. The blower was loosing power. They recommended switching to Opti 2. They cleaned spark arrestor, I switched oil. No problem.

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    You should try amsoil too, think its cheaper than the opti 2 stuff.. But never used the opti.. The amsoil does not smoke.. nice, no black cloud following you around...

    Thanks for the info everybody.. I'll probably be up over the weekend and check some of these guys out if I get a chance...

    Thanks again...

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