Orange safety strobe for vehicles.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sildoc, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. sildoc

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    Does any one use one of these? and where do you buy for fairly cheap. All I have found is 80 plus dollars for flimsey round lites and the mini bars that actually look decent on a vehicle and have 2 lites instead of one is around 150. Any recomendations and ideas where it is cheaper to buy? thanks.
  2. SUPERIOR Lawn Design

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  3. snowmizer

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    i just use a round strobe bought from a snowplow dealer in Elma,NY for around $45.00 works good,but the mini bars are nice though...
  4. Tvov

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    I've never known it to be enforced during a storm, but some places you are supposed to have a permit for a yellow/orange light.

  5. swing blade

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    Some autozones have the orange strobes. they cost about $20. If you still can't find one then go to and look at their stuff. They have some cheaper lights in their catalogs too.

    Swing blade
  6. Doc Pete

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    Be careful. I have one of the lights that are magnetic. I bought it because my new F250 won't fit in the automatic carwash if it was permanently mounted on the roof.
  7. pinnacle

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    Don't buy a "Strobe". They are for night time use. A blaze bar or a Becon are much more visible in the day time as this is what they are designed for. Strobes are for night time. I have a Blaze bar on my vehical. I have a magnetic strobe for arfter hours work. I use pole mounted becons on my Sub-contractors vehicals.

    A blaze bar is expencive and more difficult to fit. If you don't want to spend to much get a Becon.

    Also somthing to consider is your trucks bed. Is it a utility bed or a style side? If you have a tray the back board sits up higher than the cabin roof so you will need to mount on top of the back board so its visible from all sides. If you have a style side you can just get a magnetic and whack it straight on the cabin roof.

    Gota love the blaze bars. I use mine on weekend when I can't get a park. Lol.
  8. SUPERIOR Lawn Design

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    I can't disagree more... I will say (in partial agreement with you) that a cheap department store strobe is useless in the daylight, but, strobes are on police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, cable and phone repair trucks... And all are highly visible in full sunlight! You have to look for manufacturers like Whelen, Nova, Code 3, Federal Signal and for those of you that are familiar with Galls catalog... They are one of the best sources for emergency equipment...
  9. pinnacle

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    Sorry mate but your wrong. Talk to someone in the safty industrie and they will tell you. The emergency servises use high power becons. Go and ask someone thats in the know. The strobes are designed for night time use. Light up a strobe during the day and you'll bearly be able to see it! I should know I have 3 strobes.
  10. SUPERIOR Lawn Design

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    Well, that's funny... I am in the safety industry, I am a part time Conservation Officer in my town, and former dispatcher for a police tow company... Our difference of opinion may be our location, I have no idea what they use there... But rotators were all but phased out here... strobes have been widely in use since the early 90's... And are just starting to be replaced in limited numbers by LED strobes... It's the new wave...

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