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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lawn crafters, May 3, 2012.

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    2 weeks ago i ripped up a lawn, leveled it , added loam and resodded. an irrigation system was installed durning the process by and irrigation company. one week after install, a few orange spots showed up along afew of the seems and along the bed line almost as if a dog peeed. i also noticed the orange spots were not rooted into the ground like the rest of the yard. i called the sod farm and they told me it is lack of water and the seems is where it dries out the quickest. so they told me to adjust the sprinkler run time. the yard has 3 zones, each zone now runs for 1 hour and they start at 4am so ofcourse by 7am they are finished cycling.. fast foward a week to today. yard has shown little to no improvement in the orange spots, the rest of the yard is lush green and ready for its first cutting.the customer is not to happy and assures me the dogs have not been allowed in the front yard. Any ideas of the problem?
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    you have any pics

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    Sounds like you didn't get good root contact along the edge there, if its died out there's not much you can do now... you could get a couple rolls of sod and replace the edge thats died out...
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    Best soil contact with sod is a good intitial soaking... your areas of no root development were most likely lowspots where contact was not maintained... either from curling edges or foot falls on soft mud...

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