oranges and grapefruit?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. williams lcm

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    I pick up the oranges and grapefruits and stack them neatly around the tree after weed wacking for the customer to pick up. I have seen many lawn guys just run them over. I could pick them up and bag them but this would be a pain for every property. And most dont want another charge on the bill. What do you guys do?
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  3. williams lcm

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    Yeah i am orig from ny. I use to love oranges and grapefruits. Now that i live in Florida i just think they are a pain in the but. The trees are everywhere. After awhile you can just only have so many before you get sick of them Atleast for me anyway. And most people dont fertilize them so they taste pretty bad.
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    I'm guilty for mowing them. Usually by the time they hit the ground they're no good.
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    20 years ago we would pick them all up. Never once did anyone thank us for that time consuming practice.
    We now run them over. I tell all customers when we start them if you have or are going to have high maintance items you will be charged or not taken care of.
    Its not fair to the others that have the same size yard and charge same price.

    I also dont trim or prune ANY fruit trees or rose bushes or anything that needs dead heading. If you want a gardner higher one.

    Gardners are poor dont have nice cars or houses. They cant join the country club. They dont have time to enjoy the finer things in life.
    I have told this to customers and tell them what right do they have to have all that and i dont get the same opportunity also.
    You cant be a personal gardner and have that lifestyle.
    They then ask me how much per hour I would charge for this type of service.
    I said $85-125 per hour. Now on the other hand the 85% of stupid lawn care people of this country would charge $15-20 per hour.
    But its ok that the owner of the mower repair place or auto shop charge $85-125
    per hour?
  6. Wow, I can't help but shake my head when I read your posts....gardeners are poor? Who says they want to drive fancy cars or join the country club? What mower shop do you go to that charges $125/hour? You come up with some very narrow-minded things....
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