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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by whacked_46, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. whacked_46

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    Hey Guys,

    Last year when i was just getting my business going i helped my boss from work install a sprinkler system. Everything is still holding up, but one of the manifolds will not turn on,it is the model with three manifolds connected to each other for easy installation. I have fiddled around with the wires and switched but to not luck. So now what do i do from here. Do i need to buy a new manifold or should i take the thing apart and see if there are some wires loose inside or crossed.

    Thanks for the help fella, have a good one.....
  2. jcom

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    Can you turn on the valves manually? I believe Orbit has a small button/switch that will open them manually.

  3. Dirty Water

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    Is it one like the attached picture?

    I'll save you my opinion on using prefabricated manifolds, because thats beside the point :rolleyes:

    See the black things on each valve? Those are the solinoids. Turn them about 1/2 a turn and the valve should turn on. If it doesn't, then you've got an issue with the valve.

    if it does, then its probably a wiring problem.

    Personally, I'd rip the whole thing out and replace it with a custom built manifold on and some decent valves...but thats just me.

    Wiring is super easy. Each valve should be tied into the same common ground line with one wire, and their own "power" line with the other.

    Make sure they are connected properly at the valve and at the timer.

  4. whacked_46

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    Thanks ill give it a try, i wanted to install custom manifolds at the start but he was convinced the pre assembled system would work the best. I think if this does not work im just going to rip the bugger out.

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