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order of sports field renovation procedures

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by DJB, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. DJB

    DJB LawnSite Member
    Messages: 43

    Hi, I've been in the mowing business for several years but am new to sports fields. I do lawn maintenance for a local K-8 school including 1 competition field and two practice fields. The competition field (Kentucky Blue Grass) was installed from sod 18 months ago and is irrigated. I've been asked to aerate, slit seed, top dress (they requested top soil - I'm wondering if sand would be better) and try to level out small bumps and begin filling in some of the major swales (when the grading was done long swales running parallel to the crown were left). I'd appreciate advise on the various steps and their order. My initial plan is

    1. water a couple days before so that the aeration is more effective
    2. Mow as low as I can without scalping (probably 2.5 inches)
    3. Once the soil moisture is right, aerate very heavily (maybe 6 times)
    4. slit seed with 4#/1000sf of Kentucky Blue mixture
    5. topdress with 1/4 of topsoil (I'm renting a tractor pulled topdresser)
    6. As I am topdressing, stop at some of the low swales and unload extra topsoil (maybe another half inch)
    7. Rake the topsoil in with a piece of chain link fence

    They also want the field rolled. At what point should this be done. They are hoping that rolling will smooth the minor bumps but also lower some of the higher ridges adjacent to the swales. Can rolling accomplish this? What about compaction? Thanks for any advice.

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