Ordered another new bob-cat today!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bah1491, Apr 5, 2011.


    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    I seriously considered a new bobcat z-mower solely on the price it was thousands less then the exmark.
  2. Lawnut101

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    Thanks for responding! My Bobcat is a 2006 or so. My local dealer doesn't have a 61" model to demo... Maybe I could talk him into it. He said he would let me take it out if I were serious. The machine is about $2,100 cheaper than a comparible Exmark. I know there is a huge difference in cut between my Bobcat and my Vantage.
  3. pugs

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    Not sure about increasing alot since the belts and pulley sizes have not changed. Any ZT200/Procat with a 61" deck uses the same belt sizes. For speeds to change those things would need to change as well.

    I have an old article somewhere that lists the blade speeds of the Bobcats and does some math on how much nonsesne blade speed really is. Its a PDF. I will try to remember to post it if I can find it.
  4. Sammy

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    I would buy a Bobcat over a eXmark any day of the week.
  5. Dave

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    Th g series mowers only have one belt
  6. pugs

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    Yes I know. I was talking about the ZT200/Procats that were all the same for 10-15 years. And not much could have changed from the F to the G's because they were already over 18000.
  7. Dave

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    I do believe the zt200 with the 60 deck 23 hp kawi had a blade tip speed of16500 , this mower was sold to the cust , in 03, it does not shoot the grass no where compared to the new ones
  8. Keith Gordon

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    I just bought a Bob-Cat today. ProCat 29 HP FX KAW 52" With a collection system tripple bagger the thing is sick. You can pack & forget to turn on the blower and clog the discharge tube then turn it on and it will suck all the wet clogged grass. It's insane if you get a chance demo this model it has the new collection system. The cost with tax out the door with the collection system was 9,926.94 We have 6.25% tax here in Ma. it was $583.94 just in tax.
  9. Mac B.

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    Can you take some pics, I would love to see the collection system.

  10. Keith Gordon

    Keith Gordon LawnSite Member
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    I'm not sure how to post pictures on this site i have to figure it out.

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