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Oregon Gator Magnum line round or square


LawnSite Member
I bought a oregon speedfeed head and it came with the magnum line in it and i like it so now im going to order a 5lb roll from mowpart. But not sure if i should go with the round or the square . whats the pros and cons on both?
what do you like about yours and what dont you like. I was using the echo 95 crossfire that i didnt like too much.
thank you


LawnSite Bronze Member
Most guys here go with the twist.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Shawnee Kansas
square is better, it seems to hold up longer then the round.


LawnSite Gold Member
I remove my trimmer guard AND I wear shorts...so shoot me now!

Square line definitely cuts through stuff better...AND, I get hit with more debris. It's akin to using a fungo bat.
So, I use a far less painful twisted-style line...either .105 or .095.


LawnSite Senior Member
Trimmer line preference, just like most everything else in this business is a matter of opinion, somewhat based on personal experience.

I'm a part time LCO, part time equip maint for several commercial guys. One of my guys has used the Gator Magnum for several years, wouldn't use anything else. I tried it last year and it now is my preference. None of my guys use anything but round. The square is great for big stuff, and seems to last longer. It creates more line noise for sure!

There was a thread a couple months ago that discussed the pros and cons of line in detail.