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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by contourbs, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. contourbs

    contourbs LawnSite Member
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    i have used the grinder and it works good exept how do you get a razoe edge. i mean it makes a nice edge but its not like a razor sharp.it puts a nice clean angle but the very bottom doesn't get sharp
  2. gl1200a

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    You don't want a razor edge. The metal is then too thin at the edge and immediately rolls over and becomes dull.
  3. DennisF

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    Yes he does want a razor edge. The sharper a blade is when you start the longer it will stay sharp while you're mowing (unless you hit something). If it's done right it will last longer than a blade that is not sharpened to a razor edge. The key to a long lasting razor edge is the angle on the edge. I've found that 30 degrees of angle is the best set-up. But you can't get the blade razor sharp with a grinder. You have to finish the edge with a honing stone. It takes a little practice, but after a few tries you can do it. Get it just sharp enough to shave the hair off of your arm. Wear thick gloves when installing the blades to protect against wicked cuts.
  4. contourbs

    contourbs LawnSite Member
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    how do you know what angle the machine is at, all i do is put the blade and match the stone with the blade. is that right?

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