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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by wakesetter2001, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I am wanting to get my Oregon landscapers All phase license. I know what the state requires and all of that. What I need is help with study materials. Do I need to know the entire Chapter 671 of the ORS and also the entire chapter 808 of the OAR's or is there certain sections that are more important? How do I get a copy of just what I need of the Oregon plumbers code? What books will help with the rest of the test? Anyone with some ideas or that have taken the Oregon test that can help please do.
  2. wakesetter2001

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    Is is just me or do I have a bad name on this site. I don't see how, Just seems that every time I ask a question I never get any reply's. Somebody has to have some info.
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    I've got the plumbing book. A neighbor, who was a plumber, gave me his extra copy. You don't want to have to buy it for what you need in it if there's some other way.

    If you've contacted the landscape board (Which, by the way, I was a board member of for 2 consecutive 3 year terms until a year and a half ago) then you must know what pages you need in what version.

    Try to find a plumber or library who has a copy. If you can't borrow it, take your digital camera and photograph the pages - it will be legible, or, photocopy.

    Its like a $90 softback that you will never need again in your life, I'd imagine.

    As for the ordinances and the rules - if that's what I think you mentioned, you almost have to know all the basics.

    Like what components have to be in a landscape contract?

    ... completion date, and if not, a statement saying such
    ... number of, size and type of plants to install
    ... location of job
    ... signatures
    ... (license number if I recall)

    You need to know your bond needs. And, it steps up when the job gets over $10,000 I believe.

    You can do decks and fences like contractors who are CCB, but if you do decks and fences, your bond needs to rise to that level - ITS A RECIPROCAL ARRANGEMENT between the CCB and LCB.

    The test can cover almost any aspect of the laws and rules that pertain to landscapers.

    What cards, papers and advertising does your license number need to be on? That in laws and rules. Can you subcontract to another landscaper for work that your phase of license does not cover?

    Really, you want to know laws and rules quite well, because you will be operating within those guidelines. Its actually not that demanding once you get it under your belt and have a feel for it.

    LAWS AND RULES just looks big because of all the legal vocabulary. Take a highlighter and hightlight the specific phrases that state in a nutshell what you really need to remember.

    YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW the numbers, sections, etc.. Not the numerical jargon - just the facts.
  4. wakesetter2001

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    Thank you that is the most help I have recieved from anyone including the Board. Cant even get them to call back.
  5. mdvaden

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    An arborist from Virginia called me in Oregon today, mentioning the thread and your question.

    I just happened to get home shortly beforehand, and was relaxing on the bed, firing-up the laptop computer when he called.

    Anyhow, you are welcome. :)

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