Oregon lanscape board meets in Medford - will it affect you?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdvaden, May 25, 2003.

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    A portion of this post is in my other post about temp services in Oregon needing landscape licenses.

    But I'll bet many of you - in Oregon - are interested in this other stuff. Also, did you know that in Oregon, its illegal to winterize irrigation without a landscape contractors license? Nor can you move a sprinkler head. And you can only replace 3 heads with identicals - intended from replacing broken heads.

    The following is a copy of what I posted in some other forums:

    In case some of you were unaware, I am on the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board - this is year number 4 for me.

    Next July, 2003, the landscape board will be meeting in Medford, which is rare. Almost every meeting is in Salem.

    The schedule is under “BOARD INFO” at www.lcb.state.or.us. But I think the July 18th date will be changed, or was changed to about July 26th.

    The “CONTACT INFO” has an email you can use for direct communication to check the July date.

    I encourage any of you, or your acquaintences, to attend that meeting if you are interested in Oregon landscape issues, laws, rules, etc.. It should not amount to the loss of a day’s income, if you make the meeting day your day off in that week. That’s what I need to do.

    Several issues should be included at that meeting:

    1. Currently, there is debate about Temp ( Lease ) Labor companies being required to have a landscape contractors license to send laborers ( hole diggers and dirt movers ) to ALREADY licensed landscape contractors.

    2. There is the dilemna that most tree companies are licensed with the construction board, and landscapers with the landscape board. Legally, most arborists - even ISA Certified Arborists - cannot advertise planting work of trees.

    3. There is diversity of opinion about MINOR AND INCONSEQUENTIAL work up to $500 - an allowance for maintenance type companies or others for landscape work without a license. One side of the fence says “that should be for replacement only”, the other side says “the mechanics of replacement and new planting are the same, so what difference does it make how the $500 total is reached”.

    4. The fate of “THE LANDSCAPE DESIGNER ISSUE” may have some bumps. The landscape board in Oregon is not totally settled on this matter, but was supportive of the OREGON LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION (OLCA) that introduced and filed the bill by the legal deadline. Apparently, OLCA may have pulled support for its own bill, but now discussion is continuing.

    Just these 4 issues alone could affect you, your business, your personal needs, your neighbors. Please feel free to copy and send this note to anyone who may be interested.

    In a similar situation regarding arborists and the Oregon CCB, about a decade ago, I started with me, and soon had about 60 other individuals involved. And it made a difference - BIG DIFFERENCE.

    This is primarily for Oregonians. Remember, there is a lot of information about laws, rules and more at www.lcb.state.or.us

    So this does not mean I support or oppose all these issues. But the less input we get from you, the more problems we can cause for you.

    And never forget, any decision will always cause a problem for somebody on one side of the fence or the other.

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