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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dboyd351, Oct 29, 2011.

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    If I were still doing any wood cutting, which, fortunately, I'm not, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I never did get the knack of getting chains "just right", and, the last few I took to the dealer for sharpening, I don't think they have either! :)
  3. dboyd351

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    Thanks for the reply. I know this isn't targeted at the serious wood cutter, more at the occasional use/homeowner type.

    I've just been reading some PowerSharp threads on Arboristsite.com. There are lots of people who are dissing it, but they aren't the ones who have used it. The couple of guys who actually tried it (Fish, Philbert, for example) say it does sharpen and the chain cuts fairly well both new and after sharpening with this device. The PowerSharp Rep says you might get up to 15 sharpenings before the chain/stone have to be replaced.

    Also, according to the rep, you can't sharpen non-PowerSharp chains with the system. The system is one chain matched to one stone and both need to be replaced together - you aren't supposed to use a new chain with an old stone. The PowerSharp chain (PowerSharp style 91 used as an example) is supposed to last about as long as a regular Oregon 91 chain. Finally, you can use regular chain on the PowerSharp bar, so it isn't a total loss even if it doesn't work as well as hoped.

    Initially, at least, these seem to be aimed at limbing/pruning saws, since they are mostly available in 14-18 inch sizes.

    I saw them on sale @ a Big Box store for $36 the other day, which includes a 14" bar, 14" chain and the sharpening system. Seems pretty cheap to try since I was in there to buy a 14 inch bar and chain, anyway, and the Oregon name is a known entity.
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    And the distributors wonder why more dealers are not taking these on as a show room sales.... when you are buying it at the box store for less than what the distributors show dealer cost to be...
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    I was very impressed with it at the show, and plan on getting one to try out. they said it was every bit of good as a standard chain as far as cutting ability and everything.

    what an awesome invention.
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    its only good for 4-6 sharpens then new chain and sharpener. $70-80
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    Not exactly. I can't vouch for the longevity, but the Oregon rep said up to 15 sharpenings.
    I can vouch for the price - I bought the 14 inch Powersharp system - chain, bar and sharpener @ a Big Box store for $35 last week.
    What I don't know is how well it really works, yet.

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