Oregon Super High Lift Blades Discontinued.... For Now


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I have the super high lifts on my wright 52b and as mentioned previously it is very noticeable vs the stock blades. The discharge sends thick wet heavy growth flying across the yard. If it's really wet there will be small clumps of grass that go 50ft, I'm not kidding I've pegged my truck from it, have to be careful around things with the shl blades. Overall I would say that they best perform with weekly type of maintenance lawns.

I have 2 sets of these and will continue to run them as needed.


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I am glad that I buy those blades 10 sets at a time! Those high suction blades are what gets me though the bluestem seedhead stage here without double cutting everything. Don't know what I will do next year without the blades being available.
I think I still have one new set on the shelf and 2 or 3 sets sharpened and ready to go.
The area I mow in seems to grow rocks as fast as grass. I go through a massive blade supply each season. Those old style blades don't seem to bend from the rocks but it doesnt take much to ruin that leading edge enough to really have to grind on them to get them right again. I'll bet I only get 4 or so resharpens out of blades due to deep nicks from rocks and of coarse, it is always that leading corner that takes the brunt of damage.
Hopefully, Oregon will get after the original blades quickly.

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