Oregon "Temp" Services need Landscape Licenses

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdvaden, May 24, 2003.

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    First, don't get the idea that I agree with this concept.

    A subject at our last Oregon Landscape Contractors Board meeting, and probably the next is:

    Technically, temporary labor companies - lease labor - need a landscape contractors license.

    Or possibly - do they?

    Apparently, Oregon temp services have had to acquire a Construction Contractors Board license to lease temp help to construction companies.

    Now we are talking about whether they should have a landscape license.

    Personally, I think its rediculous.

    But apparently, there are some concerns about legal loopholes.

    Now get this - I will hardly respond on this issue here. It ties in with Oregon's exemption for minor and inconsequential work for $500 worth of landscaping. One side of the fence says that was for replacement so people did not have to hire a landscape contractor is some plants die.

    The other side of the fence, like myself says, "the mechanics of replacement for $500 are practically identical to new installation for $500.

    So, for any Oregonians, there will be a rare - first time ever I understand - Landscape Contractors Board meeting in July in Medford, Oregon.

    If you want to hear about, or see these issues discussed first-hand, be there.

    You will never quite understand Oregon's landscape law decisions unless you come to a board meeting.

    First, not all landscape issues are determined solely by the landscape board. For example, backflow prevention devices and irrigation systems for landscaping are affected by groups such as the plumbers.

    The issue is so broad, that only a board meeting will provide a true taste of what is involved.
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    Has the time and location of this meeting been established???

    Thanks, Clay
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    The website at www.lcb.state.or.us says:

    July 18th.

    I think that will change in the "BOARD INFO".

    That was the date, but I think there is a schedule conflict.

    There is also a "CONTACT" button at the site if I recall.

    The Landscape Board website lists a lot of information.

    Attending a meeting should not be a loss of income as long as a landscape professional makes that their day off for the week.

    Some of the meeting is slow, but a lot of it is interesting. One visit to a board meeting will show how important one person's vote on the board is.

    Again, that website is:


    Within it, is also a sample test to show the essence of the Oregon landscape exam. I think the study materials are listed too.
  4. mdvaden

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    I have broadened on this in the new post that mentions the Landscape board meet in Medford.

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