Oregon vs. Rotary?

Discussion in 'Oregon™' started by rwleigh, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. rwleigh

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    How do your blades compare in quality to the rotary blades? I have used both and cannot see any real diffrence in cut quality, but when I sharpen my blades I see a diffrence if metals. Can you give me some input!

    Thank You!
  2. Oregon Tech

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    Thanks for your interest in our blades. I do not know a lot about Rotary Blades. I am sure that they are of good quality. I do know about our blades. Oregon blades are manufactured under a very tight set of tolerances. We believe that our blades are of the highest quality in all areas. They are cut to exact lengths and are the straightest blades on the market. Our heat treat process is extremely consistent which gives us great confidence in the hardness of our blades. All of our blades are subject to our inspection process that ensures consistent reliability.

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