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    I bought 3 sets of Gator blades from J Thomas late last year, I got them checked them out had a sticker on them for M60 Tank. I thought Ok mowing seasons over will use them next year. I go to install them this year and they are way too close to the deck, I call J Thomas up it's past our return time so we can't help you. You can take them to somewhere near you and see if the will trade you blades, I could not believe what she said. Yea right sure they will trade me, after getting no where with them I called Oregon and talked to a nice fellow named Dennis. He told me that Cub made some changes to the deck over the years and that there are two different decks, mine being the smaller deck the longer blades will not fit. Told him my trouble with J Thomas, he was very understanding. He sent me 3 new sets of blades no charge and told me to keep the old. Well to make a long story short I'm done with J Thomas! Oregon is a top notch company, they will be seeing me again!
    Thanks Dennis!
  2. dutchacres

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    I used to deal with J Thomas some but found that there parts and stuff were cheap. We used to order there blades all the time but they would bend and twist and would not hold a edge worth anything and would wear out faster. I have just been running OEM stuff since then and you can really tell the difference. I figure it is a little higher priced but the parts are so much better. I am going to try a set of thoses G6 blades out this fall though. I have heard a ton of good things about them and since I just bought a bagger I figured they might help it not fill up so quickly. Oregon seems like a good company and sounds like there customer service is excellent. To bad most people do not understand this concept of good customer service. It is almost a lost trait anymore, sadly.
  3. kdt64

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    I also want to try the G6 blade, people seem to like it. Dennis said they should have the G6 for my mower next year, so looks like i'm in for a wait!
  4. jetta

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    we also tried g6 blades and like them for fall cln-up but not enough discharge for spring/summer . oregon told me they dont make a fusion quality blade for our mower (exmark hp) in a high lift but do make it in a med lift, i will try that as i like that edge.
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    It has to be the Exmark deck not allowing the clippings to discharge far enough. I have them on my Scag Tiger Cub 61" deck and the clippings are blown 2 cut widths over.
  6. jetta

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    i agree i have heard plenty of good things about the g6 , i have the tri advantage decks and it works good with med lift
  7. dhardin53

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    I have used Gators for many years, Now I use both the G6 & G5 blades with great success. I have had ALL good relations with Oregon and their blades.

    Oregon bought out Gator Co. and I am glade they have keep up with R&D (research and development). Plus knowing a happy customer is good for business..

    It is simple really "good product and good service equals sucess"... (don't let the government find this out) LOL

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