Organic bridge lawns that are less total cost on fert inputs compared to synthetics.?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Yes .... please tell. :rolleyes:

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    Ha! I'm only going to get my self in trouble if i try to present this in scientific terms that I have a poor understanding of. :) In laymen's terms, small amounts of N from Urea & Ammonium Sulfate are quickly released for green-up with little surge growth, the some N is released from the SCU. The composted poultry manure releases N due to microbial activity and the biosoilids provide food for the microbes to continue their job for up to 8 weeks.

    Here is a statement regarding 3 year study at Virginia Tech comparing Screamin Green with JDL 28-5-12.

    Color responses with no significant difference were realized
    in programs with organic matter compared to conventional
    programs without organic matter even though 1/3 and at
    times 1/2 the amount of nitrogen was applied (Figure 1). The
    addition of organic matter theoretically adds energy to the
    soil which living organisms use to convert essential nutrients
    into forms more available to the plant. 18 programs with
    organic matter are all working and show the need to continue
    the study for this effect over the long-term. To date, it is
    shown how in programs with organic matter there is enough
    readily available nutrient to provide the same green-up as
    the conventional programs. Further, these results were
    extended throughout the entire season and may be attributed
    to the water insoluble nitrogen complexed in the organic
    compounds. Based on these findings alone, the budgeting
    of quantified amounts of organic matter predicts similar
    results to a conventional program and the reduced nutrient
    requirements offers the industry a proactive approach to
    nutrient management. In years two and year three, control
    plots receiving no applications will continue to decline in
    color and quality. Of interest will be to see if the programs
    with organic matter actually improve over time. If so, besides
    budgeting organic matter for its valuable, water-insoluble,
    slow release nitrogen, other benefits may be occurring related
    to the increased activity of the soil biology.
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    That quote does not support your statement that a higher percentage of N gets to the roots.
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    I suppose it may be more accurate to just say Screamin Green provides the same quality and color of turf with 1/3 less N than 28-5-12.
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    Perhaps in some cases, but it is highly unlikely you can claim that is always the case nor does it mean more N is getting to the roots. And what is the deal with the specific fertilizer analysis?
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    The could be an interestting discussion though,,, about how we could coax N deeper into the soil profile...

    I wonder how that might be possible... :)
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    Gee, I wonder :rolleyes:
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    It's true there are many variables with turf grass management. These results have been achieved with Screamin Green on warm and cool season turf throughout the US for years both before and after the Virginia Tech study.

    The purpose of the study was to document what had been seen in "real life". JDL/Lesco 28-5-12 was chosen as a comparison because it is/was a commonly used product.

    Obtaining the same turf quality and color rating with 1/3 less N is a benefit.
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    I'd love to test some screaming green. The profile seems very similar to my current favorite bridge product that also has DPW ....and delivers long term.
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    Where would one purchase screamin green if they lived in Ontario in Canada?
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