Organic Fertlizer ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mowman, Sep 23, 2001.

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    tremor, etc-IMPORTANT_very

    WOuldnt it be alot easier if lesco etc

    Just harvested all the excess crap, seaweed,sewage
    beer and grain by products, etc, etc
    and made safe, reliable fertilizers
    and not even waste time inventing
    these dangerous powders, granules, etc.

    after they thought CFC's were really safe back in
    days and look what they say now about it
    I believe these turf chems will end up being
    the same way???????????????????????????????????

    I hate to be a prick but I would rather be safe than sorry
    I have been to Mex, and seen what pollution does
    YOu have have to wear a breathing mask just
    to walk outside without biochems just
    for a walk in the bark for some fresh air.

    LIke to hear some feedback?????????????????
    am i stupid, insane or do I just care about the kids I will be
    raising in the future and theres. IM just trying to look after
    all those unborns
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    I will look for the technical info. when im not working 12 hr
    days-2 weeks or so then In 1 month i will be doing some
    organic coffee farming in , Mexico-

    I will do what i can to explain the loss of the river in my
    backyard which is now fully weeds cause i am not sure
    of the whole truth either

    I heard that sheep produce a pellet like dung which
    rapidly decomposes into fertilizer , soil amendment
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    one more thing

    TGCL has been around for 20 or so yrs.

    Stopped applying phosphorus probably 2 years
    ago- about 18 years to late-
    cause they always thought it was good for it just like
    CFC's in the 70's

    Heck, some of my soils tested only recommended
    about 1 lb of N per year- tru green was doing them-
    Im a little rusty on the tech. info cause im out
    mowing, fertilizing etc every day but
    what happens to all that excess N does it just
    stay there in that sand or does it go somewhere????????
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    so we are in complete agreement that it would be more preferable to spray down the afgan countryside with pig urine in strato-tankers then to bomb them with high expolsive nitrates in smart bombs with F-16's
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    "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson with Intro by Al Gore. Is a book that you might enjoy. It reflects the same ideas you have expressed. You can purchase it at Also check out P.E.T.A. I am sure you will enjoy their ideas. People Eating Tasty Animals

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    just thought id let you know
    i enjoy butchering pigs with
    machetes and shaving the hair off
    with my old razors- i then
    freeze the meat-

    I boil the fat and make delicios pork skins
    in which i give to the poor kids in
    Mexico along with some good meat to
    make tacos-
    no chemicals- I feed these pigs
    all scraps and there good.

    Thats my kind of vacation- helping others
    without the need to harm them without
    GMO meat products.
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    I didn't forget about you. Just real busy. Look back to the post where I numbered our info needs. We need a little more detail, but we're getting there. The name of the lake. The number for Water Authority, etc
    Hope all's well.
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    Sorry Lawrence Stone and mowingman, but I think you are wrong. I've certainly seen organic adjuvants sold in a way reminiscent of the old "snake oil" days, but the fact of the matter is, organics can positively affect plants in a way synthetics never could, period. Let's put it this way: which is better for you, an good orange or a vitamin C tablet? Which could you live off of? I remember an experiment done years ago where they did a spectral analysis of sea water, figured out the % of every element present down to the trace minerals, then added those minerals in that exact proportion to a tank of distilled water, and guess what? The salt water fish in it started croaking immediately! But they revived when a *small* amount of real sea water was added to the tank. Yeah, N is N, P is P, K is K,and all that. But do you think that only those three elements and the few others we know of are all that is needed for optimum health? If so, I suggest you try living on vitamins and water for a while, and see how you fare.

    I was a research specialist for a few years, and our project was adding different rates and combinations of chicken litter, composted chicken litter, and synthetic fertilizers, on damaged and graded soils to grow test plots of rice, soybeans and cotton (it was a HUGE experiment, hundreds of test plots all over the state); and I can tell you, the organics had a downright amazing effect, out of all proportion to their N-P-K and OM content. It made a believer out of me.

    But does it make cost sense on lawns? Beats the hell out of me! If it doesn't, I'd flush'em and use synthetics - the bottom line is still the bottom line. : )
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    I'm sorry I have nothing to add to this.. I just wanted to say it was a GREAT read!

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