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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JFGLN, Apr 5, 2011.

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    a group we sell to in FL does a class once a week and invites people in from all walks of life to speak, authors, local legislators, organic cooks, organic farmers, you get the idea. It has gotten so popular that they had to add on a room just for the lectures. it not only promotes your business but also promotes other local businesses around you, its good to reach out and give back and people buy a few things while they are there.
    and yes I have spoken there once while in the area
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    From the POV of a mid-westerner perhaps the thing to promote is an umbrella... I'm working on a home remedy for getting to my garden in the rain, and especially a combination vine hut and internal bench shelter that makes sense and works well...

    Christmas in Wisco is dead evergreen branches, so I can't help much there... :)
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    It rained all day yesterday yet hardly anybody uses an umbrella in Washington State.
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    Should I send a ticket?:)
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    I like the idea of Permaculture. With consideration to the trends that lie before us involving economy & food, I think this is a great time to start experimenting and offer products and support to people, in order to become more self sufficient and less reliant on the system.

    The cost of food is increasing rapidly and will continue to do so. Food availability may become a whole issue of its own, in the near future.

    One thing that I would do, is start creating that awareness. I think from a timing standpoint, people will be more inclined to listen, as this awareness is growing rapidly, more recently.

    Just a few ideas off the top of my head:

    1. build an email list, send out monthly news letters. Many great topics & sources to draw from. Especially during the off season...gear them for early spring.

    2. offer products that typically might not be found at the home centers. Grow systems, grow tents, lights, heirloom seeds, various growing mediums, hydroponics, books, etc...

    3. The workshop/seminar idea is a fantastic one. People get bored in the winter months...keep them inspired.

    4. I really believe, a lot of people would like to do more w/ organics & gardening in general, but get frustrated or don't know where to start. Be the resource for guidance.

    5. Check out the food preppers communities on youtube, a lot of growth in the past couple of years. Consider building or working w/ a cannery, and offer workshops & supplies for that as well. Lots of great stuff to check out on youtube.

    Best of luck!
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    Howabout worms and worm farming accessories. Not only is it good for the earth, you also have all the fish bait you can handle.
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    have you tried selling on the Internet? Seems like you could reach a lot more people.
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