Organic "Goose Repel"

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    Developed for


    Goose Repel is specifically designed for problem areas where geese, deer and other wildlife are not desired. This product will not kill any targeted or non targeted animal or plant growth.

    Ingredient list

    Goose Repel contains Soybean oil, Garlic oil and White Pepper, which causes a flavor which simply makes the environment undesirable. Each component was carefully selected for its unique qualities of being derived from FEED GRADE materials for humans and/or animals.


    Goose Repel provides a high quality product that will not burn turf if applied at label directions, is non-staining and has no long term unpleasant odors. This formula contains soybean and garlic oils which aid in extending effectiveness at low application rates (reduced labor costs) and is in an homogeneous LIQUID. Goose Repel is an organic blend of plant extracts created especially for customers that desires a quick response without adversely affecting the ecosystems.

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