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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Patriot_Lawncare, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Sorry to derail the thread a bit, did you find it to be effective?
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    Thanks for all the help! Maybe we will be able to get the cedar cure before next season. But in the meantime does anyone know a good source for nematodes?
    Also, does just plain aeration help with grub issues as well?
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    Not really.
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    How big of a grub problem are you dealing with?
    Are they Japanese beetle grubs?
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    We have seen them in about a quarter of our lawns, some have them pretty bad where the lawn is already dying. We THINK they are mostly Jap Beatles, but are still new to them. We don't really want to apply milky spore in case it's all a mix. Also, at this point we only have equipment to apply granular. Like I said, we haven't setup our whole program yet, we were planning on doing that over the winter. So far we have been referring our customers to other companies and it seems like a wasted opportunity so now we are seeing if we can come up with something effective that is organic.
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    I have used Grub Gone with excellent results. It's a bacteria that kills many types of beetle grubs.
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    LOL! I clicked that link for the "aerator shoes".

    "Note: Studies have shown that these “spiked shoes” are equal to or more effective than some insecticides for controlling Japanese beetle grubs. Researchers reported killing 56% of the grubs by walking over plots of lawn 3-5 times."

    :rolleyes: Give me a break. I was pulling up grass in my own yard last week and I tried smashing the grubs I saw with a garden rake and I could barely hit them when I could SEE them without repeated strikes.
    Those spike shoes? Yeah, you're gonna get REALLY lucky to stab a grub as you walk.
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    Here is a Michigan professor who is working on natural enemies of grubs in the turfgrass setting.

    Keep in mind that most lawns can tolerate a high level of grubs--if--the soil moisture is kept high with irrigation in fall.

    Mach II is sort of organic--Molt accelerating compound.
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