organic herbicide products that work?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MNmasterEXTERMINATOR, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. phasthound

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    To the best of my knowledge, M-Pede is an insecticide, not an herbicide. Is there a formula of this product I'm not aware of?
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    When the directions are followed and the Rittenhouse lawn jet gun with the TK-10 has been used, we've had good (not excellent) results overall. Dandelions and plantain wilt and die back within 24 hours. The more surface area, the better the kill. On smaller leafed weeds and harder to control weeds (clover, oxalis, strawberries, violets) you will need repeat applications or a "weed buster" program. The weeds can take as much as 30 days to completely die. This product will work best on established lawns. Unfortunately, a lot of my hardcore organic customers also start out with less than desirable lawns and don't want to spend the money to seed, no matter how hard I push.

    I have a few pics in the GG forum.

    The products are not labeled as organic, but pesticde free or edible, as they contain feed grade ingredients.
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    why not try Lesco Eliminate--no 24-D yet very effective.

    Or try carfentrazone--"Quicksilver" fast acting and 100 times safer than Weed BGone.

    Also various formulations of Triclopyr are much safer than Wed B Gone. No odor.
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    I second that. Quicksilver will break down in water in just a few days, even just sitting in your spray tank. Also check out something like Speedzone. Instead of a "Warning" or "Danger" label, it says "Caution".

    I believe tremor was talking about Scythe, not M-Pede.
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    To my knowledge there is no real effective "organic" selective herbicides. I concur with Riggle you have a few options. Lesco Eliminate is very effective and has no 2-4,d. Also Quicksilver is a very low risk product ,low AI per acre, low toxicity to Bees, mammals, rapidly degrades etc.

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    The account is looking for dandelion control. Quicksilver's label says it has no standalone control for dandelion.
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    Not really. I should have finished my statement. In the first 30 days of applying the product under the weed buster program [3 apps over 30 days] at the end of 30 days 80% will have already passed to the other side.

    The remaining 20% are on the way out and with a normal monthly service should remove the balance.

    Yes, we are not as good as a traditional pesticide but we have found that a market exists for both a program that has no traditional pesticides and one where we mix the herbicide at 50% of the normal rate and in one application accomplish more than the herbicide by itself.

    Does this clarify?

    Oh yes, we also help you with advertising materials, best methods, pricing and documents for the customer to make sure everyone is on the same page.
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    You're correct. Scythe is the herbicidal version of pelargonic acid. Sometimes I type faster than I think.

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