Organic is not taking off...really?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by lawncuttinfoo, Mar 12, 2013.

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    The location of the development is ironically on top of a former grass seed growers field. The base soil may be decent but there are no guarantees since these developments are prone to having the top soil stripped off and regraded.
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    There are areas in the midwest that topsoil is 6' deep, and it was that way when farming began in those regions... your area may be part of that legendary environment... :)
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    I just started a lawn care division and wanted to know what kind of products (liquid) are proven and non restricted. So far Growth Products have a program I love and can mix 4 products in one. Any thoughts.
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    Legendary, of the fantasy type.

    Topsoil: The layer of soil moved in cultivation. Frequently designated as the Ap layer or Ap horizon. See also surface soil. (ii) Presumably fertile soil material used to topdress roadbanks, gardens, and lawns.
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    6 feet of "Topsoil" doen't get cultivated at all... we're talking about the depositions of the dirt across Illinios and other areas in the corn belt, that were there before the horse-drawn plow was even invented... so I won't bother about analysing the consequences of tilling in relation to such a deep deposit of amicable soils... thanks for the "fantasy" remark though, it really was relevant to the discussion... :)

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